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Fall 2008 shoe trends

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Trends for shoes this fall are bold, sparkling and sometimes a little wild as animal prints, primary colors and crystals were favorites among designers for the season. Here are some of the hottest looks in footwear to get your fall fashion in full force.

Wild wedges
As usual, snake skin seems to be the biggest animal print this year. It was seen slithering down the runways in the form of a wedge (below) at Gucci Fall/Winter 2008/2009 women's collection - along with matching bags. Giraffe and leopard are great on pumps, stilettos and wedges as well, but as always, everything in moderation. Just a tiny patch of print goes a very long way and is best worn on one article of clothing at a time.
Gucci Wedges

Tall cuffed boots
Whether you like them flat or with heels these boots look great over tights of a similar tone or skinny jeans. Suede versions in grey and purple are big this fall and Chinese Laundry has a great pair (below) called ‘Tahoe’ for $99. Those also come in black and a deep brown. This may sound VERY 1980s, but I have a currently looking for stirrup jeans to wear under my cuffed boots so my jeans don’t get all bunched. Any suggestions?
Chinese Laundry boots

Silky satin
Forget the dyables you have worn as a bridesmaid in every wedding since 1990 … satin shoes no longer have to match your dress. For a look that really pops, pair in a bold color of satin heels (such as red, yellow or blue) with a simple dress or jeans.
Satin heels

Bohemian biker
You don’t have to ride a Harley to get some edge into your wardrobe. These motorcycle boots from Gucci Fall/Winter 2008/2009 women's collection had minimal metal, clean lines and fringe that gave it a hint of hippie. They were paired with tights, flowing tops and colorful scarves which gave them a softer look.
Gucci biker boots

Bright and bold
Colors are big this fall and can come in many shapes and sizes. Jewel tones along with many primary colors will be seen in solids, not patterns, on shoes. Sky blue apparently means the sky is the limit on what you wear them with if you are as brave as Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes and Tome Cruise

Happy shoe shopping!

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SpaFinder President Susie Ellis talks to Indulge

Thursday, July 24, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

From a massage to a facial to a scrub, most of us go to a spa to relax from a hard days’ work, but for spa tester Susan Ellis that is where the workday starts. Ellis has been reviewing spas for 20+ years and is known in the industry as a leading expert on spa services and quality. Ellis is also president of SpaFinder, a comprehensive source of information on spa deals, spa getaways, medical spas and day spas. Conde Nast Portfolio’s job of the week section called her job ‘one long day at the spa’ and she told Indulge about what that long ... often luxurious ... day entails.

Indulge: How do you choose which spas you will review?

Generally, I visit and evaluate spas in the global region I'm currently traveling in - because of diverse business that takes me there in my role as president of SpaFinder. For example, when I did a media tour in Phoenix on our annual spa trends report, I took the opportunity to visit seven spas in that spa mecca, and then wrote about a couple that I found to be extra special. Or, when I recently attended a Spa Council meeting in Phuket, Thailand, I explored/tested several of the incredible spas in that region - including a sneak peek at the soon-to-be opened Six Senses Destination Spa, which promises to be absolutely extraordinary on so many levels including design, cuisine, wellness, its embedded eco-conscious practices, and medical and fitness offerings.

And of course, our many experts here at SpaFinder are constantly visiting, evaluating and reporting on spas -I'm just one member of that team.

The spa industry has been growing at such an extraordinary pace over this last decade (recent industry research shows there are now 71,000+ spas across the globe), and there's increasingly so much creativity and innovation in design, health and wellness offerings, treatments, that I always have a large list of 'must visit' spas. And, after all my many years in the spa world, I really remain a humble 'student' of the spa industry - always excited about new offerings, emerging trends and what's unfolding across the globe.

Indulge: What would you say was one of your most indulgent treatments?

There have been many memorable and transformative experiences ... but I would say my stay with my husband at the Four Seasons Spa on the Rocks in Bali. We had a very special spa suite right on the rocks overlooking the ocean, with 280-degree views, replete with in-suite massages, scrub tub, chocolates and champagne. In our tub, there were petals from 500 roses floating ...

Indulge: What advice would you give to a person visiting a spa for their first time?

For first-timers I would recommend telling the spa staff this is your very first spa experience, and ask them for a spa tour and an educational overview of offerings and their benefits. And, even if you're a more experienced spa-goer, you will probably want to explore new treatments and offerings, which makes it a 'first time' for most people.

At SpaFinder.com, we try to offer comprehensive spa information for all levels of spa-goer, from the first-timer to the seasoned pro. People may want to first check out our ‘Learn About Spas' section on our homepage. You can introduce yourself to treatment information, get spa advice, search for deals, learn about spa etiquette and what to expect at different categories of spa, search in great detail for spas by type, etc. It's one good primer for the newcomer to the world of spa.

Indulge: Do you have a favorite treatment?

My favorite treatment is a 90-minute deep tissue massage (by an expert, well-trained therapist), with the music very low or in absolute silence.

Indulge: What are some of the ups and downs of your job?

One of the wonderful benefits of my job is that it's very good for my health ... both physically and mentally. By being immersed in the spa world, not only do I have regular massages and facials, but I've incorporated overall fitness, exercise, and nutrition wisdom into my life. Spas are increasingly about total wellness, rather than mere pampering ... which can really be transforming, and sustain a balanced and healthy life. I'm also far more in touch with my more strictly 'medical health' through medical testing and evaluation at medical spas.

Of course, being president of a big, growing company is hard work, and traveling all over the world so frequently can be draining. But I just wouldn't cite any real 'downs' in my work.

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Fish pedicure ... something fishy at the spa

Monday, July 21, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

By guest contributor Ashley DiFranza

There are many important tools you can find in a pedicure kit; files, polish, tweezers, scrapers and … fish?! That’s right. The newest pedicure tools at a spa in Virginia are small carp that actually snack on the dead skin on the bottom of your feet!

The fish pedicure process
The process is said to be rather soothing and can feel almost like a tickling sensation. Some customers of this fishy treatment this say sticking your feet in a tub filled with 100 carp is worth the final product because feet supposedly come out as smooth as silk. If the fish were smart they would try to get put on the payroll because the process also makes it easier for pedicurists to finish the job. Without the hassle of using a razor to remove dead skin, pedicurists can quickly proceed with the final steps of a pedicure and polish off your toes.

The special pedicure is offered at Virginia’s Yvonne Hair and Nails salon- the only known location for it in the U.S. They charge $35 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes.

Would you get a fish pedicure?
So … what do you think? Would you slip off your shoes and let your toes swim among the fish or is it just too weird? Vote in my poll!

Bond No. 9 collection of men's cologne

Friday, July 18, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Bond No. 9 CologneBy guest contributor Chris O’Brien

Looking for a bit of Madison Avenue in a bottle? The Bond No. 9 New York Beaches collection of men's cologne uses the Big Apple’s beach getaways as basis for their perfume’s identity. With fragrances ranging in names from Fire Island, to Hamptons, the company conjures romantic images of N.Y.’s posh beachfront.

Forbes features the Bond No. 9 collection just in time for summer.

Bond No. 9 scents
The Coney Island scent blends chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and cedarwood to invoke images of sunny days at an amusement park. The vanilla component dominates this scent and brings to mind a bustling ice cream stand on the boardwalk.

Fire Island offers a minty blend of patchouli, cardamom, neroli, and white musk to compliment its bronze coloring. It could not be more appropriately named. This perfume gives off a fragrance reminiscent of exotic spices.

Finally, Hamptons men's cologne brings together lime blossom, bigarrade oil, lemon-lime bergamot and sage to achieve an aroma in the spirit of the cool ocean breeze. The baby blue bottle perfectly compliments this sweet smelling odor that might fool you into thinking that waves are undulating beneath.

Our pick for men's cologne
As a beach lover myself, I have to approve Hamptons as my favorite of the three. There is nothing like the relaxation that the beach provides in summertime away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The truly original concept of paying homage to New York makes it a great gift and appeals to the sun-worshipper within.

Sold in a 50mL bottle for $125 or 100mL at $185, the cost is right in line with high-end New York shopping districts. However, unless you plan to browse Manhattan boutiques in the near future, your best bet is making an online purchase.

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Airport spas: Luxury travel takes off

Thursday, July 17, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

10-Minute manicure
Your neck is cramped, your skin feels grimy, you look a little faded … and now you find out your flight is delayed. That may have been a big hassle years ago, but now you can utilize this quality time normally spent in a hard plastic airport chair relaxing and rejuvenating in a comfy spa chair. Airport spas are now a place to unwind and beautify thanks to an array of relaxation locations that have popped up in terminals around the world.

Services for luxury travelers
Take XpresSpa for example. As one of the biggest airport spas it serves 20,000 travelers a month at 34 locations including Logan, D/FW, JFK, Houston Bush Intercontinental, San Francisco and more. Services comprise of massages, waxing, facials and manicure/pedicure. The menu is standard with the exception of add-ons to facials including an olive oil and leaf mask, an exfoliating papaya mask and a ginseng and spirulina mask.

Fast massage at the airport
If you’re interested in a fast massage at the airport between connecting flights, the Massage Bar, with locations in Seattle, Dulles, Nashville, Sacramento and more, offers a 15-minute or 30-minute massage with no appointment required. Or - because your feet are exhausted- you can kick back, lay on a heated neck and shoulder wrap and get a foot massage. One of the best features of the Massage Bar is that many of their services do not require you to undress. This is a draw to those who need a quick massage but couldn't be hassled with changing.

Airport spa in Vancouver
The Absolute Spa at Vancouver Int’l takes airport grooming to an entirely new level with steam showers, self tanning and a private resting suite equipped with aromatherapy and music. They also offer an assortment of unique services including the Bon Voyage Moor Mud Manicure, the Circulator Anti-Swelling Leg Massage, and an oxygen spa that gives an ‘Oxygen boost with fresh citrus or aroma oil.’ If you want to look good right off the plane Absolute offers haircuts and make-up touch-ups.

Here are some airport spas to help you relax and revitalize on the go:

Baltimore-Washington International Airport
Destination Relaxation

Boston Logan
Jetsetter Mini Spa
Classique Hair & Nail Salon

Calgary International Airport
Destination Relaxation

Chicago O’Hare
The BackRub Hub

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Int’l Airport
10 Minute Manicure

Dallas/Ft. Worth Int’l Airport

Denver Int’l Airport
A Massage Inc.

Indianpolis Int’l Airport
Passport Travel Spa

Newark Liberty Int’l
Massage Bar

Oasis Day Spa

N.Y. Laguardia

Sacramento Int’l Airport
Massage Bar

San Francisco Int’l Airport

Massage Bar

Toronto Pearson
10 Minute Manicure

Vancouver International Airport
Absolute Spa

Washington Dulles International Airport
Massage Bar

Do you know of any places where you can get a good haircut or a fast massage at the airport? Let me know!

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Celebrity hairstylist Allen Edwards

Monday, July 14, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

He has been on Oprah, E!, and his most famous haircut may bring you back to the days of 'Charlie's Angels.' Celebrity hairdresser Allen Edwards and his team have styled Julianne Moore, Lara Flynn Boyle, Renee Zellweger and more. Edwards tells Indulge about some of his secrets to success, what we are doing wrong with our hair and what the new 'Shabob' is all about.

Indulge: What was your most memorable haircut?
Allen Edwards: I am the original creator of the Farrah Fawcett signature layered cut which started a trend that still exists today. Also, 'scrunching' hair was very popular -we did it on Donna Mills for 'Knots Landing.'

Indulge: What styles should women or men avoid?
Allen Edwards: You want to avoid styles that emphasize your bad features. For example, if you have a high forehead, make sure that you wear bangs. If you have a long, thin face, make sure your hair is not too long. If you are heavier, don’t wear hair that’s too big.

Indulge: Any secret tricks you use?
Allen Edwards: I cut hair with tapering scissors and a razor. It takes away a lot of weight, makes the hair more fluid and makes the hair more interesting.

Indulge: What are the newest styles this summer?
Allen Edwards: Bobs have been big so far and now we’re going in with a razor and making them shaggier but still with the bob line. We call them 'Shabobs.'

Indulge: Who are your favorite celebrity clients?
Allen Edwards: Rene Russo, Sally Fields, Rachel Welch, Anne Bancroft, Donna Mills and Suzanne Somers.

Indulge: What is your secret to staying on top?
Allen Edwards: This year we are celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Allen Edwards Salon + Spa. The secret to the success of my salons is education. We are always thinking creatively and out-of-the-box. I try to enforce the idea of endless array of change. My stylists change styles on a client every 6 months or as often as possible.

Allen Edwards (center) and his stylists

Ashlan Gorse has her hair styled by Edwards' team

Allen Edward's team (left) works on E!'s Ashlan Gorse

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The six-handed massage

Friday, July 11, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Is the work of six hands better than two? That depends … are you a bottle-capper at Schlotz brewery (ala Laverne & Shirley) or are you responsible for walking 12 Bichon Frise through Central Park? Then yes. But what about six hands all working together to give you a massage at the same time … indulgent or strange?

The Thai Privilege Spa, decorated impeccably with flowing silk, candles and bamboo in Soho, offers this Siam Nirvana massage. UrbanDaddy describes the zen-like six-handed treatment as an encounter that starts with greetings and tea … “And then the symphony begins. The three expertly trained therapists work in chorus to create a sensation your body has never known (a rare feat).”

The Siam Nirvana is said to be so incredibly breathtaking it could make you feel as if you never want a two-handed massage again. If there ever was a time when a regular massage just wasn’t good enough ... this could be it.

The 75-minute massage is $590 and must be booked 48 hours in advance.

Definitely for the privileged.

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Reviews of lip plumpers

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

By guest contributor Dee Murray

Plumping is pain. That’s all there is to it.

It’s a pleasant pain really. One, when not achieved by an advertised ‘plumping’ product is jerkingly disappointing.

But please. You need not pout – unless it’s plumper induced. Now, you can buy the best without the fear of pucker disappointment. Below, we’ve ranked 5 lip plumpers … and all we have to say is … May the best burn win …

Perricone MD
Lip Plumper

Price: $35
Available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora and online at http://www.perriconemd.com/

What they say:
Perricone MD claims to be scientific serum for age correct, anti-aging. It’s selling points tout making lips appear fuller, minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth and restoring a more youthful look.

What I say:
It looks pretty impressive. That’s for sure. Perricone MD arrives in a pharmaceutical looking box, containing a very chic copper-ish tube. And it even wows with technical speak like contains ‘alpha lipoic acid’ and ‘DMAE.’

But disappointingly, nothing. Not even a tingle. Not even a flicker. Absolutely nothing. Used throughout the day for two solid days, constant checks and kissy faces in the mirror garnered no pucker-perfect profile.

Bottom line: Big price tag, even bigger disappointment. (Come to find out, Dr. Perricone’s a guy. …)

Wet n Wild
Mega Plump

Price: $3.99
To find a retailer near you, check out http://wnwbeauty.com/wheretobuy/index.php

What they say:
This brilliantly sheer lip gloss contains Maxi-Lip™ for full, kissable lips, while Vitamins A, E & aloe vera delivers moisture with just a hint of sheer, shiny color. The more you use it the longer the plump lasts - feel the tingle working!

What I say:
Wet n Wild is awesome. It is the most fun, most colorful and most affordable brand of makeup on the market. I love it. This lip plumper is no exception. The colors are electric, the gloss is shiny, sassy and long-lasting and the tingle is tantalizing!

Upon first application of the gloss, I timed the slight burn/tingle at about 10 minutes before it fizzled to nothingness. But upon second application, it lasted about 25 minutes and I noticed a slight plumpness for about an hour. I wouldn’t call this plumping ‘Mega’ as the name entails, but it was noticeable.

Bottom line: Smart value. Great color choices, nice plumping effects. But ‘mega’ is probably not the most accurate of descriptions.

Plumping Lip Gloss

Price: $10
Purchase at Sephora retail stores across country and online at sephora.com

What they say:
Maximum volume paired with a sweet, glossy finish makes Plumping Gloss the perfect choice for pout perfection. Natural pepper and mint extracts stimulates microcirculation, resulting in rosy, full lips, and vitamin E nourishes the lips for irresistibly kissable lips.

What I say:
Sephora’s moderately priced plumper is available in a handful of shades – not the wide-range of colors one would expect from a national brand. The clear plumper, which pairs well under or over your favorite lip gloss generates a sensation, never really reaching maximum heat, but is respectably warm. Visibly, the Sephora gloss didn’t produce results I could see, just results I could feel as I felt a lip shape change. … I couldn’t see it though. That’s kind of confusing, right?

When paired against DuWop’s Lip Venom, I’d choose Lip Venom hands down. But it carries a heftier price tag (about $21). So, for the name-brand conscious, Sephora Lip Plumper is a strong, notable and status-worthy choice.

Bottom line: Great name brand. Moderate price, but not best lip plumping brand in family of products offered by company.

Skin by Monica Olsen
Plump for Sexy Lips

Price Tag: $18.95
Purchase at www.skinbymonica.com

What they say:
Starting out at a brand creating products safe for baby’s skin, Skin by Monica Olsen (Monica’s a former fashion model) , now dives into beauty products for men and women focused on an entire regime of skin-care and health products.

What I say:
Plump for Sexy Lips is fantastic. It brings back memories of lip plumpers in their purest, hottest, most affective form. While a little more pricey than most plumpers, the $18.95 price tag is well worth the visual and mental affects.

Instead of utilizing an annoying tingle, Plump of Sexy Lips brings a cinnamon, spearmint mix into the process and proves there really is a such thing as something hurting ‘so good.’ And its visual effects are noticeable, but not overpowering. It generously plumps, generously tingles and the effects last a few hours. Mentally, it feels like a plumper – the burn, the way it rests on the lips – everything is perfect.

Its only downfall is it’s only available in clear – which is a blessing if you don’t like color, but a curse if you carry a very small purse and can’t jam in any more lip gloss. My only suggestion, if heading to skinbymonica.com to purchase this product is to NOT click on the ‘About Monica’ tab … for some reason, it talks about bowel cleansing … and that’s just … not what the average person wants to read about … especially when buying lip gloss.

Bottom line: Up-and-coming brand, slightly pricey, excellent effects. Only available in clear.

Beauty Benefits
By Wet n Wild

Dual Effects
Price Tag: $5.99
Available at discount retailers nationwide.

What they say:
Unique, dual-ended pencil perfectly plumps, conditions, and defines lips. Enriched with botanical extracts to hydrate and protect lips, while accentuating their shape with natural looking color.

What I say:
This combo is one a little more non-traditional, this pencil is a plumper on one end and a lip liner pencil on the other. The stick-formed plumper rolls on smooth enough, but gives a slight oily feel the glosses don’t contain. This is a little bit of a turn off as I expect a feel not so petroleum-jelly-ish but the plumping ‘burn’ is honorable and it had nice effect (although didn’t last as long as its sister product, Mega Plump). The liner is great – pretty typical of a Wet N Wild liner. It was smooth, lasting and is available in a great variety of colors.

Bottom line: Priced right. Liner/plumper combo is nice spin but plumper is a little clumpy.

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Eco-fashion: Clothes made of recycled goods

Monday, July 7, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Aluminum handbagWhen it comes to clothing would you be seen in green? From haute couture to girl next door, green is hotter than ever and we are not talking about the color. Eco-fashion is popping up everywhere with recycled goods finding their way into handbags, dresses and even jewelry.

The Chica Rosa bag (right) by Elsewares is a clutch made of 200 recycled aluminum tabs, $36.

This dress has tons of memory
Eco chic dress Renaldo

Rejected computer chips were put together to make this dress (left) by Fabio Renaldo for the Eco Chic fashion shows in Jakarta. While it doesn’t exactly look comfortable, Renaldo balanced the heaviness of the shimmery metal and light flow of the silky material perfectly. This would go over well on Project Runway with bonus points for the purse. Now, what would you wear for shoes?

Sorbier Mother Theresa Dress

Paper or plastic?

French fashion designer Frank Sorbier designed a gown made entirely of plastic bags (right) as part of his Fall-Winter 2008/2009 collection presented recently in Paris. The creation, titled Mother Theresa, looks waterproof and like it has potential to make the wearer a little sweaty. Definitely more a piece of art than an example of everyday eco-fashion.

Brace YourselfBrace Yourself dress

My teeth hurt just looking at this piece of wearable art (left). Appropriately titled Brace Yourself, this look was created with recycled orthodontist materials such as braces, caps, crowns and retainer wires. Credit is due for creativity, but I wouldn’t try to get through a metal detector in this outfit.

Hello Kitty purse
A fashionable cat

Hello Kitty was always ahead of her time and here she is putting a new twist on the old license plate handbag (right). This is an older look when it comes to eco-fashion, but the hot pink and glittery kitty make this one bag that definitely does not look recycled.

Vending machine couture
Purses made of wrappers
Shoulder bags, clutches and belts are made from potato chip bags, candy wrappers and cookie packages to raise funds for the nonprofit Group for the Promotion of Education and Sustainable Development out of Mexico. Some of these unique pieces (left) retail for up to $200 in U.S. boutiques.

What do you think would make a fashionable recycled look? How about cds or phones cords? Both are not getting much use anymore and could make a nice handbag (minus the blinding glare of the sun).

My friends at Elsewares.com have an entire section devoted to recycled 'wear & carry' including some favorites below:

Soda Can Earrings

Show the world your favorite beverage with soda/beer can earrings, $36.

Sail cloth bag

Star sail totes are handmade with rescued Dacron sails, $56.

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Perfectly groomed eyebrows for men or women

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

'My eyebrows make a more profound impact on [other] people than they do on me. I figure, I am what I am, kiddo. I just let 'em grow.'Peter Gallagher

Is being known for your eyebrows a good thing? That depends on what they look like ... and whether or not you're a Hollywood star. From unruly to overplucked to the ever-too-common unibrow, eyebrows do not always grow in a way that suits the face. That is exactly why people pay good money to pluck, wax, thread and even dye their brows.

Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills, who has her own salon, and products in Nordstrom, Sephora and more, is the go-to eyebrow professional for both men and women in Beverly Hills. She has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone, and, as if that is not enough, she is also a favorite of Oprah Winfrey.

Don't worry, we are still here for you even if you do not have time to jet out to 90210 for a wax. Anastasia tells Indulge how to get that perfectly groomed salon look from home and what we should avoid.

Indulge: What are some for the biggest mistakes people make with their brows?

Over-tweezing is a constant problem; the problem starts with not knowing where your brow should begin and end. That is why I create brow kits such as my exclusive kit with Sephora that includes a DVD which takes you step-by-step on how to recreate my shaping method at home.

Indulge: I see there are a lot of tools involved in keeping brows groomed, what would you say are some of the most important?

Tweezers, of course, and brow gel are the easy first steps; you just tweeze stray hairs and gel the brows in place.

Indulge: Do you do a lot of men’s eyebrows? What is some advice for men looking to stay groomed without looking overdone?

Yes, absolutely. The key with male brow grooming is that it should involve NO ARCHING. Men go to salons and come out with female brows - think Boy George. It makes them look goofy and I’m sure that the majority are embarrassed and displeased with the service and they don’t try it again. Whenever you shape men’s brows, clean up the hairs in between the brows and choose the distance by placing his thumb between his brows. For underneath the brow, just tweeze lightly and leave it as natural as possible.

Indulge: How did you get started?

When I came to L.A from Romania in 1989 I got a job in a small salon on Melrose Place doing facials and waxing. I started doing peoples brows for free as part of the facial service and in six months time my book was 70% filled with brow appointments. I didn’t try to discover the niche by any means - it sort of discovered me.

Indulge: Tell us about your salon and some of your favorite products?
Clear Brow Gel Anastasia
I opened my own salon in 1997 after six years of renting two small rooms in a big salon. It was the most liberating feeling being able to operate and design my own space. I have renovated it numerous times depending on how my personal taste changes and right now it's classy with a clean, contemporary twist.

I can’t say I have a favorite product as all my products serve the purpose of perfecting the brow with various modes of application and payoff to suit each and every customers’ needs. If I had to pick the two 'must-have' Anastasia products ... it would be my hand crafted stainless steel tweezers (they are precision crafted to remove the tiniest hairs), and next would be my flake-proof clear brow gel (right). The gel is a must-have to keep anyone’s brows in place all day.

Indulge: Tell us what the Oprah Show was like?

Incredible ... more than I ever expected. She was wonderful with her guests and is such a classy lady.

Indulge readers... it is your turn! Who do you think has the best eyebrows? Oprah, Mario Lopez, Brooke Shields or George Clooney? Vote in my poll located on the right.

Mario Lopez Oprah

Brooke Shields

George Clooney

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