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Bond No. 9 collection of men's cologne

Bond No. 9 CologneBy guest contributor Chris O’Brien

Looking for a bit of Madison Avenue in a bottle? The Bond No. 9 New York Beaches collection of men's cologne uses the Big Apple’s beach getaways as basis for their perfume’s identity. With fragrances ranging in names from Fire Island, to Hamptons, the company conjures romantic images of N.Y.’s posh beachfront.

Forbes features the Bond No. 9 collection just in time for summer.

Bond No. 9 scents
The Coney Island scent blends chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and cedarwood to invoke images of sunny days at an amusement park. The vanilla component dominates this scent and brings to mind a bustling ice cream stand on the boardwalk.

Fire Island offers a minty blend of patchouli, cardamom, neroli, and white musk to compliment its bronze coloring. It could not be more appropriately named. This perfume gives off a fragrance reminiscent of exotic spices.

Finally, Hamptons men's cologne brings together lime blossom, bigarrade oil, lemon-lime bergamot and sage to achieve an aroma in the spirit of the cool ocean breeze. The baby blue bottle perfectly compliments this sweet smelling odor that might fool you into thinking that waves are undulating beneath.

Our pick for men's cologne
As a beach lover myself, I have to approve Hamptons as my favorite of the three. There is nothing like the relaxation that the beach provides in summertime away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The truly original concept of paying homage to New York makes it a great gift and appeals to the sun-worshipper within.

Sold in a 50mL bottle for $125 or 100mL at $185, the cost is right in line with high-end New York shopping districts. However, unless you plan to browse Manhattan boutiques in the near future, your best bet is making an online purchase.

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“Bond No. 9 collection of men's cologne”