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Fish pedicure ... something fishy at the spa

By guest contributor Ashley DiFranza

There are many important tools you can find in a pedicure kit; files, polish, tweezers, scrapers and … fish?! That’s right. The newest pedicure tools at a spa in Virginia are small carp that actually snack on the dead skin on the bottom of your feet!

The fish pedicure process
The process is said to be rather soothing and can feel almost like a tickling sensation. Some customers of this fishy treatment this say sticking your feet in a tub filled with 100 carp is worth the final product because feet supposedly come out as smooth as silk. If the fish were smart they would try to get put on the payroll because the process also makes it easier for pedicurists to finish the job. Without the hassle of using a razor to remove dead skin, pedicurists can quickly proceed with the final steps of a pedicure and polish off your toes.

The special pedicure is offered at Virginia’s Yvonne Hair and Nails salon- the only known location for it in the U.S. They charge $35 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes.

Would you get a fish pedicure?
So … what do you think? Would you slip off your shoes and let your toes swim among the fish or is it just too weird? Vote in my poll!

“Fish pedicure ... something fishy at the spa”