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Saving on spring shopping

Thursday, April 30, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Despite the fact most of us are pinching pennies, or saving our pennies, some of us are still shopping. In a recent survey sent to me by my friends at Lucky (one of my favorite magazines!), I was surprised to see 84% of Lucky readers feel that when they need a pick-me-up, nothing works as well as a new item of clothing, a new accessory, or a new pair of shoes.

Other stats from their survey:

  • People are still shopping: 93% are planning on buying new fashion or accessories this spring

  • Full price is an option: Even with all the sales, 77% are willing to pay full price if: they are really inspired by an item; the item is unique and expresses their personal style, and they think the item might sell out

  • Staying in style is important: 82% are paying as much or more attention to spring fashion trends than in the past

A few suggestions Indulge has for saving on your spring wardrobe:

1. Read fashion magazines (Lucky is a great one!) and blogs (I love Who, What Wear!!) and pick the top 5 trendy (but universal) pieces you want for spring. Whether it is shoes, a light coat, jewelry or other clothing, limit it to 5.

2. Go to discount stores like Kohls, TJ Maxx or Marshalls to fulfill your list. If that doesn't work, try the Gap or Limited online has great deals.

3. Try not to spend more than $25 on any piece. If you do, take 1 item off your list.

4. Don't go too crazy over quality. Remember these are trendy pieces ... if they fall apart after spring/summer they are doing you a favor so you do not continue wearing them. I like to refer to inexpensive add-on's to my wardrobe as "disposable clothes."

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Beauty Do's and Don'ts

Monday, April 20, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Glamour magazine has put out it’s list of top beauty do’s and don’ts (in 2 words or less). Here are some of Indulge’s favorites and a few we added.

1. DON’T Share Makeup
2. DO Spritz lightly
3. DON’T Overpluck
4. DO Use SPF
5. DON’T Cover freckles
Indulge adds to the list …

6. DON’T Bite Nails
7. DO Use Conditioner
8. DON’T Over Highlight
9. DO Try Organic
10. DON’T Forget Moisturizer

Click here for Glamour’s full list.

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Spring looks popping up on the red carpet

Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Spring is here and the celebs are popping up on the red carpet in some terrific warm-weather fashions! Here are a few of our favorites:

Drew Barrymore attends the HBO Films premiere of "Grey Gardens" in NYC.
Drew Barrymore

Monique Coleman, left, and Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of the film "17 Again" in Los Angeles.

Monique Coleman, left, and Vanessa Hudgens

Leslie Mann at the premiere of the film "17 Again" in Los Angeles.Leslie Mann
TV personality Kelly Bensimon attends NYC's Conde Nast Traveler hot list party.
Kelly Bensimon Lydia Hearst attends NYC's Conde Nast Traveler hot list party.
Lydia Hearst

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Color therapy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

I recently received an email from a nationally certified color therapist named Leah Bruns. Leah says she got into color through a career in advertising, where she realized the value of the role different colors can play.

In Leah’s blog, “Hues to You!,” she explains a little about color therapy, saying the main focus is on the rainbow colors. Leah explains that the reason is because each of the spectrum colors has a tie to one of our body’s main energy hubs – also referred to as chakras. She says bringing the colors into your life can have a significance to overall health and happiness.

“Hues to You!”has some interesting postings, including:

Solarized waters: Water that has been in sunlight in a colored container for at least an hour. She says it helps the water “to become irradiated so that it takes on some of the vibrational energy of that particular color.” Click here for details on solarized water.

Colored gemstones: Another interesting feature Leah covered was selecting and giving colored gemstones. She covered the benefits of quartz, diamond, aquamarine, tiger’s eye and turquoise. For more information click here.

Some other good information on color therapy can be found on Live in Full Color and Color for Your Home.


Spring make-up trends

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Heidi Klum in shimmery make-upShimmery make-up is set to make a comeback for spring and, while I was excited going into this post, I am now realizing I have mixed feelings about the trend. I have never been one for heavy make-up and certainly think you should be careful with this look in the warm months.

I do have some ideas on how to achieve the perfect dewy look …

  • Stick with colors that are earthy. I recommend choosing colors for your cheeks and eyes that include (depending on your skin tone) bronze, gold, olive, copper or rose

  • Use a light hand and minimal product. A lot goes a long way.

  • Try focusing on one area, either shimmer lips or eyes. Maybe combine 1 of those with your cheeks, but I would hesitate before going with the full face.

  • If you suffer from acne or have a descent amount of scarring or wrinkles, I would recommend sticking with your usual make-up and playing up your eyes or lips with shimmery products. I think mineral make up can, at times, sink into crevices and accentuate any unevenness.

  • Use a base powder on your eyes before applying eye shadow to avoid creases

  • Favor this look at night when you’ll have a nice reflective glow, as opposed to a sweaty look that can come from wearing shimmery makeup in the sun.

  • Do not choose shimmery makeup for a wedding, prom or anywhere there will be a lot of photos. The products look highly reflective in flash photography.

I chose this photo of Heidi Klum because she has the perfect glow, without looking shiny or too metallic. She use the Victoria's Secret Makeup Spring Look Kit. I am a big fan of Bare Escentuals and recommend you go to Sephora (or another retailer) and have one of their make-up artists test out the different products on you. Shimmery make-up done right will give you a flawless, dewy look that is perfect for spring or summer.

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Discounts on high-end beauty products

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

If the department store beauty counter is not your thing- shop online. Almost all of the cosmetics you can get in these store are available online and most are offering great deals. Below is a breakdown of some of the online promotions I found.

MAC: Free shipping on any SS09 (spring/summer 09) purchase or any purchase over $60.

Clinique: Free standard shipping along with a free 1 oz tube of 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula with any purchase- just enter offer code SPRING at checkout.

Estee Lauder: Free standard shipping (with $50 purchase). They also allow you to choose 5 free samples with any purchase and have a $350 shopping spree sweepstakes (yes, I entered!).

Origins: Free standard shipping (with $75 purchase). They also allow you to choose 1 free sample with any purchase. And, if you purchase their “A Perfect World” antioxidant moisturizer they will plant a tree!

Benefit: Spend $35 and get a free color plump, free shipping (with $50 purchase- coupon code pretty50) 2 free samples and you don't want to miss "Buy-buys" their comprehensive sale section!

Clarins: Free standard shipping (with promo code: mother).

Laura Mercier: Surprisingly, this brand has quite a sale section. They also offer free shipping

Kiehls: Three free samples and free shipping

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Indulgent inventions

Thursday, April 2, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

High-heel with a springWant to get an extra spring in your step? This spring mounted high-heel (right), created by Philippe Pontarollo is one of the inventions at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Another indulgent invention is the "Touche de Mirage" (below), which is said to be an anti-flaccidity and anti-ageing facial device composed of an extraordinarily tuned tuning fork and a precious stone pyramid.

Touche de Mirage
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