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Too Faced cosmetics is honoring Smurfette

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

The Smurfette CollectionToo Faced cosmetics is launching a new line inspired by Smurfette in honor of Too Faced's Founder and Creative Director, Jerrod Blandino's, most-loved childhood "idol."

Debuting at Sephora's U.S. stores and on Sephora.com, this 5-piece collection will show-off images of the legendary Smurfette throughout the line. The collection is limited-edition and hits shelves in January 2009. It includes:

Smurfette Mood Swing Lip Gloss, $18.50: A mood activated lip-gloss that begins as blue and then changes to “Smurf-berry pink” depending on the wearer.
So Smurfy Illuminating Face Powder, $26.00: A multi-shade palette that tones with an arrangement of soft, color-fixing shades.
So Smurfy Eye Shadow Collection, $32.50: A palette that includes four eye shadow shades.
Smurfy Eyed Liquid Liner, $17.50: Two liquid eyeliners in blue and white shades put together with micro-glitter for an added sparkle.

Smurfette just so happens to be my favorite childhood idol too, and with a Smurfs movie in development, I think we will be seeing much more of our little blue friends. Let me know if you buy anything form this line and if you think it is something little Smurfette would approve of!


Taking care of beauty products

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

We love our beauty products so taking care of them can not only make them last longer, but keep them clean and healthy for us. Teen Vogue consulted Philippe Chansel, Creative Director of Ready To Wear Cosmetics, for information on when it is best to toss your products -these are some of the highlights:

  • Your make-up bag: Keep it clean and free from spills.

  • Brushes, sponges and puffs: Was them every 1-2 weeks. Chansel says this not only keeps them clean, but allows the true colors of you make-up to show.

  • Mascara: If you use your mascara about once a day it should be used up in three to five months and then should promptly be thrown away

  • Lipsticks, glosses and foundations: Chansel recommends throwing them out after 1 year is you have not used them

  • Keep all make-up clean and away from sun and heat

Our additions to this list:

  • Do not share make-up with anyone

  • If you buy something and it doesn’t seem right from the start, bring it back asap. Stores should honor if something is defective

  • If you are going to thin out your nail polish, do it once. Anymore than that and you are compromising the color.

  • If you think it is too old, it probably is!!


Relaxing on a babymoon

Thursday, December 18, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula PapagayoWhere do new moms- and dads-to-be go to relax and unwind before giving birth? On a babymoon, of course! In the newest trend since the honeymoon, couples everywhere are chilling out one last time before they give birth. Indulge recently received information on the Four Seasons Costa Rica and we think this is a place where soon-to-be moms and dads can definitely relax*.

First stop .. the spa!

For mom-to-be:

The spa at the Four Season Costa Rica offers a 75-minute pregnancy massage (recommended by them for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester). It features delicate to medium pressure and has been found to diminish swelling in arms and legs. It also has been said to relieve discomfort in muscles and joints and it reduces stress.

Or… how about a scrub that sounds good enough to eat! The marvelous mango sugar scrub features mango, honey and raw sugar, which are used to exfoliate and replenish skin. The full-body treatment is finished off with a natural mango lotion to moisturize.
Spa at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo
For dad-to-be:

Try the rainforest aromatherapy. This full-body massage mixes slow gliding strokes with gentle to medium pressure to lessen tightness, calm sore muscles and boost circulation. The massage features blends of essential oils designed for the needs of each individual. Choose either 60-90 minutes.

Or.. how about a facial designed just for men. The men’s classic sports facial is 75 minutes and features cleansing, toning and exfoliation. Next are light extractions, and soothing facial massage and a mask. The facial is finished off with a moisturizer.
Spa at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

The Four Season’s Costa Rica has four onsite restaurants to choose from. Some of our favorites for the babymoon are Congo’s, which is poolside and features healthy foods including salads, sandwiches, vegetarian dishes and seafood. For a more dressed-up meal, check out Di Mare, an Italian/seafood restaurant with a menu that changes daily.

There is a fitness room that is open everyday. It features classes, trainers, machines... and even complimentary fruit.

Unwind at one of the 3 pools, including a 10,765-square-foot freshwater main pool. There are 2 smaller pools, one that overlooks the activities beach, Blanca Bay and another that overlooks Playa Virador (the quiet beach).
Pool at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo
The Arnold Palmer golf course has views of the Pacific Ocean on 14 different holes. And, if you are not the most experienced golfer, the resort offers clinics, a tour of the course and a twilight golf session.

If you are in the mood for something a little more low-key, the resort has excellent bird watching. They also offer cooking classes, or if you like to hang on the beach, try their meditation/relaxation or sand castle-building.

Wherever you choose for your babymoon, make sure it is relaxing and has activities that both mom-to-be and dad-to-be can enjoy.

* These are simply babymoon suggestions by Indulge. A woman should always talk her doctor to make sure the activities she chooses are safe during pregnancy

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Ultimate pampering aboard floating paradise

Monday, December 15, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

AquaSpa on Celebrity SolsticeBy Dee Murray

As if being surrounded by soothing ocean waves, tantalizing food (Did you see our recipe for White Chocolate Mousse?) and amazing entertainment isn’t enough, Celebrity Cruise Line’s latest ship, Solstice, takes to the sea with a spa experience that goes beyond sheer indulgence.

But the experience of at-sea spa relaxation begins way before you even reach a treatment room. On Solstice, many areas are dedicated to the spa and to relaxation. A guest walks past the extra fun and exciting pool deck, into an enclosed hideaway, riddled with water fountains, soothing breezes and aromatic scents. This area, dedicated to luxury and relaxation is where a spa experience begins.

With loungers, enclosed daybeds a pampering pool and Jacuzzi area this adults-only solarium sets the tone for the most basic of services to the exotic.

AquaSpa on Celebrity Solstice A particular favorite – and new to the cruise line – is the hot bamboo massage. Never before offered, this massage consists of shafts of bamboo, soaked in oil and heated. The sticks are then rolled, with various ranges of pressure over the body, creating relaxing sensations and pressure-point therapy. The heat of the bamboo at times is intense, but necessary to achieve maximum benefit.

At times, the movement of the bamboo did seem slightly unnatural, but the various sizes of shafts used were adapted to reach areas behind the ears, on the neck and especially on the feet.

This massage is a blissful experience – not just for the obvious reasons (the joys of getting a massage) – but also the sounds this massage creates. The clanking together of the shafts of bamboo and the movement of the wood is very soothing to the senses. The movements of the sticks slapping together in the container used to heat them is melodic – hypnotic even and adds to the overall uniqueness of this treatment. It’s most definitely worth the price (A 50 minute treatment runs about $135).

AquaSpa on Celebrity SolsticeAfter the massage, the experience is continued by relaxing in one of the spa Relaxation rooms – an area of Aqua Spa equipped with chais lounges, pillows, blankets and freshly flavored orange water. It is quiet, beautiful and completely peaceful – perfect for a nap before hitting the ship’s nightclubs.

Pairing the spa life with high life
Indulgence probably isn’t even the right word for Celebrity Cruise Line’s latest offering on the all new Solstice. Known as Aqua Class, this offering is designed to be sophisticated, luxurious and perfectly grown up.

Designed by five boomer women consisting of a travel agent, a travel writer, a frequent cruiser, a hotelier and a cruise considerer, these women, known now as the cruise line’s ‘leading ladies’ were consulted on everything from accommodations to toiletries.

For four months, the ladies offered insights into what a true spa vacation should entail – the desire for more relaxed, intimate staterooms and connecting the sea and spa elements.

Of the 1,425 staterooms on Solstice, 130 of the double-occupancy rooms are Aqua Class and include a pillow menu, sound and aromatic elements to enhance the soothing power of the sea, daily teas and bottled water and special spa concierge. AquaClass also has its own specialty restaurant which touts ‘clean cuisine’ and soothing ambiance.

Celebrity says of Aqua Class: It is for guests “who are most passionate about pampering and getting away from it all.”

Celebrity SolsticeAbout Solstice
Solstice has 13 guest decks and at double occupancy, can accommodate 2,850 guests and 1255 crew members. The shop contains 1,426 staterooms and weighs about 122,000 tons. More than 90 percent of the rooms boast an ocean view and 85 percent of the rooms have verandas.

Other fun facts:
Solstice has the first-ever hot glass show at sea
First ever Lawn Club
10 dining venues
18 retail shops
3 new production shows

Cruise offerings: Eastern Caribbean itineraries out of Ft. Lauderdale

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Indulge's holiday gift guide- all items under $25!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

From stocking stuffers to just a little indulgence, beauty products for men and women make terrific holiday gifts. We know that most of us have less and less to spend on gifts this year. So Indulge has tailored our gift guide to only items under $25 and we think that there are some really great products out there in that price range. Happy shopping!

  • Sephora's Citrus Sage Bath kit, $10. This delicious-smelling gift set includes a Citrus Sage Bubble Bath, a Citrus Sage Body Butter, and a green Bubble Sponge, in a gift box.
    Sephora's Citrus Sage Bath kit

  • Buzz Lumbar Massage Pillow, $25 at Brookstone. Put this vibrating pillow behind your back for a nice, low-maintenance massage.
  • Buzz Lumbar Massage Pillow
  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM Shower Gel for men, $20. Lightly fragrant with the fresh, woodsy, masculine scent of Hanae Mori HM cologne.

  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM Shower Gel for men

  • Bliss Tried + Blue Travel Kit, $20 at Sephora.com. Perfect for the traveler! This kit includes the following Bliss products: Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Tried + Blue Body Wash, Tried + Blue Body Lotion, Tried + Blue All-in-One Shampoo + Conditioner- Miniature-size Big Blue Bar- all in airplane-approved sizes.

  • Bliss Tried + Blue Travel Kit
  • It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio, $19.50, by Jack Black at Sephora. Great for men, this set features lip balm in Natural Mint & Shea Butter, Lemon & Chamomile and Acai Berry & Vanilla .
  • It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio
  • Plump for Sexy Lips, Peppermint, $18.95 at SKIN by Monica. Tastes great, smells great and leaves lip very plump. We tried it ourselves!

  • Plump for Sexy Lips, Peppermint
  • Chill Misting Fan, $20, at Brookstone. Powerful fan with a mister will keep anyone cool at the beach or on a hot day.Chill Misting Fan

  • Pre-Shave Oil- Sandalwood, by The Art of Shaving, $14-$22 at Sephora. What man doesn't like a close shave... This Pre-Shave Oil - Sandalwood softens facial hair and preps the skin for a soothing shave with no residue.
  • Pre-Shave Oil- Sandalwood
  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM long-lasting, non-alcohol stick deodorant for men, $20. For the man who loves to be pampered with high-end products, this deodorant features same rich, masculine, woodsy scent of Hanae Mori's HM fragrance. It smells great.

  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM long-lasting, non-alcohol stick deodorant for men
  • Frais Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer, $3.50. Eco-friendly hand sanitizer smells great and makes a good stocking stuffer for the girl or guy on the go.
Frais Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer

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New teeth whitener

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

Whitening your teeth is not always the best experience. The strips can be messy, the trays can be time-consuming … and the taste is not always that great. So I have to say, it is a pretty big deal that I am now hooked on a new type of whitener. It is a “whitening pen” … and it changed my view of teeth whitening all together- it a very good way.

The Whiter Image TOGO Whitening Pen looks like a silver marker. It is small and easy to tote around- which is great, because it is so simple to use that you can just put in your bag and apply whenever you have an extra 30 seconds. The pen has a brush on it and you pump the back of the pen a few times and the brush fills with gel. The gel is mint flavored and you literally just paint your teeth with it and hold a smile for about 30 seconds - and you are good to go. I have noticed after using 2-4 times a day for the past 4 days that my teeth do look whitener and I am planning on giving it a few more days to see the full effect- I will let you know! As for right now, I definitely recommend it. The price is right, it is easy and pain-free. Another thing to note (from my experience so far) is that the TOGO pen doesn’t cause any sensitivity.

At $39.95, this whitener is very reasonably priced and has about 70 applications. It also comes in a really cool display so it may work as a good holiday gift. This is a great product for both men or women. Visit Whiter Image for purchase information.

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The ultimate honeymoon ... from NYC to Bora Bora

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

The could be your view of NYC from your honeymoon suite!
Our friends at Brides magazine are marking their 75th anniversary... and giving one lucky couple an extravagant honeymoon to celebrate. Brides is giving away a honeymoon package that will make the winning couple feel like they are on top of the world ... and that is because they will spend their first night pretty much in the sky! Brides is creating the Brides Mile High Honeymoon Suite at the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center’s observation deck. For the night of January 27th, the Top of The Rock will be made into a sumptuous suite where the very lucky newlywed couple will spend the night before embarking on the second incredible part of their honeymoon... Bora Bora. That’s right! The couple will go from the bright lights of NYC to the beautiful beaches of Bora Bora where they will spend 6 luxurious nights in a bungalow.

So how do you get this unbelievable trip? Newlyweds can visit the Brides Mile High Honeymoon Suite website to share their inspirational love story and why they haven't yet had the perfect honeymoon.

While we can’t all go on this honeymoon … we can all check out the Brides Mile High Honeymoon Suite! It will be open to the public during daytime hours of January 27-28.

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Bio Fashion, clothes made of leaves and flowers

Monday, December 1, 2008 by Jacqui Pini

These clothes are truly are "fresh”... so fresh that you probably do not want to keep in your closet too long. So fresh they will wilt and eventually disintegrate over time. What are we talking about? The Bio Fashion show in Cali, Colombia, featured gorgeous pieces for men and women that were made from leaves and flowers. Sounds like an episode of Project Runway, right? Using flowers, sticks, twine, leaves and more, designers put together fashionable outfits- and, in some cases shoes- that may really make you look twice to see if they actually are strictly from nature. You can check out some of the beautiful designs below.

By Colombian designer Angela Aponte

By Colombian designer Cristhian Vargas

By Colombian designer Iveth Jaramillo

By Colombian designer Maria Nubia Ayala

By designer Hugo Alberto Puentes
By designer Teresa Chamorro

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