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Achieving the perfect smokey eye

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Looking for a smoldering look this holiday season?

Christopher Drummond, who has worked with celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close and Eve Ensler, gave Indulge these great tips for getting the perfect smokey eye:

1. Start with a beige shadow base all over the entire lid
2. Take a gold shadow, and apply it 3/4 of the way up, not quite all the way up to the brow. Leave some space between where you stop and the brow
3. Apply a blue/grey shadow from the crease (middle) of the eye to the base of the lashes. Be sure to blend it well, back and forth. This helps the product adhere, and stay on longer
4. On the outer corner of the lid, blend in a purple eye shadow to give some extra “sizzle.” Blend well
5. Finally, use a black liner to line the base of the lashes. Follow with mascara.

Thanks Christopher for this great infomation!


RealBeauty.com officially launches today

Thursday, November 19, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

RealBeauty.com, a comprehensive beauty website officially launched today! It has so many unique features so we decided to highlight some of our favorite:

The “Beauty Book”: A tool that gives users personalized information, advice and product recommendations detailed to their skin type, hair type, body issues and product preferences

Other beauty topics: Including hair, makeup, skin, body and fragrance

Wellness topics: Including diet and exercise, stress relief, sleeping better, and eating habits

The Fragrance Finder tool: Users can find perfume suggestions based on a thorough quiz that gauges the top aromas for them.

Win free stuff: It has a great selection of contests where you can win beauty prizes- including a Radiancy Face Trainer

Magazine content: RealBeauty.com also features content from Hearst Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Redbook and Good Housekeeping.


Holiday Gift Guide iPhone App

Thursday, November 12, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Need help with your shopping list this year? We have details on a new iPhone app that aggregates the top products from leading fashion magazines and retailers.

The NearbyNow Holiday Gift Guide worked with Seventeen, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, All You, Real Simple, Sunset, Details, Southern Living and Cooking Light magazines to incorporate their holiday gift selections into the app. It also reached out to retailers, including Nordstrom, Bon-Ton, Macy’s, Charlotte Russe and Buckle, to include their top gift selections.

iPhone users can download the guide from iTunes and begin their holiday shopping. They can go through the gift guide in several ways – either directly within a magazine or retailer’s guide or by choosing from lifestyle criteria (eg “green gifts”). Once they find the gifts they like they can either find it online or nearby. This is one app I am going for this year as I am a diehard shopper and lover of my iPhone.


Wear summer clothes year round

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Don’t put your summer clothes away yet. Style guru Lloyd Boston shared his tips for stretching your warm-weather wardrobe through the winter.

Pair dresses and skirts with tights: Boston says opaque, textured, lace, and even fishnets are in for this fall season. And they also look great paired with a bootie (a short boot).

Wear a scarf: Warm up fast with a smooth scarf. Boston recommends embellished scarves--gold beadings, bedazzling and sequins.

Keep your peep toes peepin’: Pair your peep toe shoes or pumps with a pair of tights. Boston suggests you can wear jewel-toned tights with dark peep toes for an even more fashion-forward style.

Flowers in bloom: Boston says ‘throw a dark-colored cardigan over a chic floral blouse and belt it at the waistline. It'll be so chic!’

It’s still shorts weather: Boston says ‘dark and colored tights underneath shorts (even denim ones) look really great with boots, a classic belt and your favorite summer tank. [Just pair ‘em] with a blazer or cool jacket.’

Thaaks Lloyd for these great tips! Lloyd Boston is host of Fine Living Network's Closet Cases and Style at Any Age.


How to style your hair under a hat

Thursday, November 5, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Celebrity hairstylist, Philip Pelusi reveals how to make your hair look great under the most common hat styles of the season. Thanks to our friends at Trent & Co. for providing this great information!

According to Pelusi:

Hat Style: Fedora

Hair Style: Contrast the angles of the hat with loose feminine waves.

Why This Works: Loose feminine waves are a great way to wear your hair under a Fedora. This type of hat has very sharp “menswear” angles. This is off-set by the softer hairstyle.

How To Achieve This Look: This type of hair style works best on medium to longer length hair. If hair has a natural wave, simply apply a curl enhancing products like P2® by Philip Pelusi® ReCurl to boost waves and BeachComber to add texture and let hair dry or dry with a diffuser attachment on your blow dyer. If hair is straight, use a big barrel curling iron to add curls, some facing towards and some facing away from the face.

Hat Style: Newsboy cap

Hair Style: Create ballerina-esque bun at the nape of the neck.

Why This Works: Wearing a ballerina-esque bun at the nape is perfect combination with this tomboyish type Newsboy cap look. Also the Newsboy cap is supposed to be worn low on the forehead and this tends to cover most of the entire forehead. Wearing a ballerina bun pulls the hair back off the face opening to face up.

How To Achieve This Look: Part hair in the center and smooth hair back into a low ponytail at the middle of the nape. Use a hair smoothing bore bristle brush and a hair smoothing product like Tela® Beauty Organics Composure. Apply product to the ponytail also and brush smooth. Twist ponytail in one direction and wind around ponytail and secure with a few hair pins. Put on Newsboy and you are ready to go.

Hat Style: Beret

Hair Style: Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out.

Why This Works: A side swept ponytail is a perfect way to wear your hair under a Beret. A Beret has a French romantic look and this feminine ponytail really compliments that. Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out.

How To Achieve This Look: This look works best with straight or smooth hair. Create a side part and use a bore bristle paddle brush and a hair smoothing product like Tela® Beauty Organics Encore and brush into a low side ponytail at the nape on the opposite side of the part. Secure ponytail and put on Beret. The back of the Beret should slouch to the opposite side of the ponytail.

Hat Style: Shearling hat

Hair Style: Pull the hair half-way back, then unclip when the hat comes off to get the hair's bounce back.

Why This Works: Shearling hats are beautiful and warm but they often crush the hair. A hair half-way up look is a great idea to make the hair look great while the hat is on and preserve the hair for when the hat comes off.

How To Achieve This Look: Style hair as usual and then apply a product that can act as a dry hair setting lotion like P2® by Philip Pelusi® Increase. Then divide hair in half from ear to ear and twist up the crown of the head and secure with a clip. This will work as a dry set. Once you take the hat off and remove clip, toss to separate hair and revive hair with a hair refreshing product like as P2® by Philip Pelusi® RefresHair®.


The new something blue- bridal tattoos

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 by Jacqui Pini

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ... with the exception of something blue, this list is a pretty easy list for any bride. But, if you décor is black and white or orange and yellow, how do you inconspicuously fit in the blue portion of your traditional bridal duties?

As a bride-to-be, I am always looking for new ideas in the bridal world, so I was especially interested when an email came into my inbox titled “The New Something Blue.” It was from a company called “I Do Tattoo” and they sell cute little blue tattoos that brides can wear exposed, under the dress, on a foot… where ever they feel most comfortable. It is just a creative way of wearing something thing blue. I Do Tattoo sells 8 exclusive tattoo designs. They send two tattoos and a picture frame with the image you selected screen printed on it- as well as a space for you to put a photo of your tattoo- so you can always remember your special something blue.

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