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Hair tips from the set of 'Sex and the City 2'

IT&LY HAIRFASHION, N.A., Inc. proudly supplied hairstylist and spokesperson Frank Barbosa with their full line of professional only cruelty free hair color products from Milan, Italy for use on the set of Sex and the City 2.

Frank Barbosa's Hair Color Tips for the film include:

1) My favorite techniques for coloring for the big screen are to color in a 3 tier circular pattern taking very thin slices of 3 to 4 base colors in the same tonal range from either the Colorly 20/20 or Aquarly color lines made by IT&LY HAIRFASHION for interesting movement and definition of the hair, it is a time consuming technique but the end result is amazing.

2) I also always seal hair with glazing shine like Pure Water Drops to give that Hollywood finished look. What we see in the results here is healthy shiny beautiful hair.

3) So important to have a non sulfate shampoo like Purity Design's Pure Shampoo to keep color regulated throughout filming and use an acid rinse to close cuticle and keep color in the hair, otherwise it could oxidize out due to the elements being sun, swimming, washing, with hard waters etc.

4) I also recommend a head scarf hat or sunscreen for your hair. There are many fashionable brands to pick from today..


“Hair tips from the set of 'Sex and the City 2'”