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Eco-fashion: Clothes made of recycled goods

Aluminum handbagWhen it comes to clothing would you be seen in green? From haute couture to girl next door, green is hotter than ever and we are not talking about the color. Eco-fashion is popping up everywhere with recycled goods finding their way into handbags, dresses and even jewelry.

The Chica Rosa bag (right) by Elsewares is a clutch made of 200 recycled aluminum tabs, $36.

This dress has tons of memory
Eco chic dress Renaldo

Rejected computer chips were put together to make this dress (left) by Fabio Renaldo for the Eco Chic fashion shows in Jakarta. While it doesn’t exactly look comfortable, Renaldo balanced the heaviness of the shimmery metal and light flow of the silky material perfectly. This would go over well on Project Runway with bonus points for the purse. Now, what would you wear for shoes?

Sorbier Mother Theresa Dress

Paper or plastic?

French fashion designer Frank Sorbier designed a gown made entirely of plastic bags (right) as part of his Fall-Winter 2008/2009 collection presented recently in Paris. The creation, titled Mother Theresa, looks waterproof and like it has potential to make the wearer a little sweaty. Definitely more a piece of art than an example of everyday eco-fashion.

Brace YourselfBrace Yourself dress

My teeth hurt just looking at this piece of wearable art (left). Appropriately titled Brace Yourself, this look was created with recycled orthodontist materials such as braces, caps, crowns and retainer wires. Credit is due for creativity, but I wouldn’t try to get through a metal detector in this outfit.

Hello Kitty purse
A fashionable cat

Hello Kitty was always ahead of her time and here she is putting a new twist on the old license plate handbag (right). This is an older look when it comes to eco-fashion, but the hot pink and glittery kitty make this one bag that definitely does not look recycled.

Vending machine couture
Purses made of wrappers
Shoulder bags, clutches and belts are made from potato chip bags, candy wrappers and cookie packages to raise funds for the nonprofit Group for the Promotion of Education and Sustainable Development out of Mexico. Some of these unique pieces (left) retail for up to $200 in U.S. boutiques.

What do you think would make a fashionable recycled look? How about cds or phones cords? Both are not getting much use anymore and could make a nice handbag (minus the blinding glare of the sun).

My friends at Elsewares.com have an entire section devoted to recycled 'wear & carry' including some favorites below:

Soda Can Earrings

Show the world your favorite beverage with soda/beer can earrings, $36.

Sail cloth bag

Star sail totes are handmade with rescued Dacron sails, $56.

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“Eco-fashion: Clothes made of recycled goods”