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Color therapy

I recently received an email from a nationally certified color therapist named Leah Bruns. Leah says she got into color through a career in advertising, where she realized the value of the role different colors can play.

In Leah’s blog, “Hues to You!,” she explains a little about color therapy, saying the main focus is on the rainbow colors. Leah explains that the reason is because each of the spectrum colors has a tie to one of our body’s main energy hubs – also referred to as chakras. She says bringing the colors into your life can have a significance to overall health and happiness.

“Hues to You!”has some interesting postings, including:

Solarized waters: Water that has been in sunlight in a colored container for at least an hour. She says it helps the water “to become irradiated so that it takes on some of the vibrational energy of that particular color.” Click here for details on solarized water.

Colored gemstones: Another interesting feature Leah covered was selecting and giving colored gemstones. She covered the benefits of quartz, diamond, aquamarine, tiger’s eye and turquoise. For more information click here.

Some other good information on color therapy can be found on Live in Full Color and Color for Your Home.


“Color therapy”