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2008-2009 coat trends for fall and winter

Agnes B coatFrom Old Navy to Target to T.J. Maxx, winter coats priced under $100 are on racks everywhere. Lower-priced retailers are watching the trends on the runways and offering their own, less expensive version. But what should you look for when shopping? Here are some winter coat trends that only will look like you (or your stylist) spent a fortune keeping warm this winter.

The Shawl: Go with a looser look in the sleeves by trying a coat built like a shawl. The one in the photo is by Fendi and has slits that make it easier to use your arms without getting cold.
Fendi coat

Bright colors: From yellow to red, pink and purple, nothing brightens up a dreary winter day like a bold-colored coat. You may not want to make this your everyday coat, but for a second coat a bright color is an excellent fashion statement and will go with more things in your wardrobe than you think. The one in the photo is by Ralph Rucci.Ralph Rucci coat
The double-belted coat: Clothes that are belted two times are very in style and coats are no exception. Can't find one? Make it a DIY by finding a double belt and adding it to your coat. This works best with coats already designed to be belted. The one in the photo is by Ana Salazar. Ana Salazar coat

Shorter sleeves: This warmer-weather coat incorporates many of winter's hottest trends, including the ever-popular trench style, a pleated skirt and elbow-length sleeves. Any (or all) of these styles work well on coats. The one in the photo is by Filipe Faisca.Filipe Faisca coat

Winter white coat: Winter whites look gorgeous with black accessories (hat, gloves, etc) and can stay really clean if you wear it on days that the weather is not too messy. And, remember, the Labor Day rule about white does not apply here. The coat in the photo is by Nathalie Rykiel.
Nathalie Rykiel coat

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“2008-2009 coat trends for fall and winter”