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Anti-aging around the world

Christie Brinkly ... she will never ageIt is no secret that men and women everywhere spend millions of dollars looking for the fountain of youth (in the form of anti-aging products.) From the U.S. to the UK, Japan and beyond, we decided try out anti-aging products from around the globe and tell you what we thought of some of the different varieties.

VIBRANCE HGH Crème / SKIN by Monica / USA
Price: $38.95
Purchase it here

What they say: SKIN by Monica Olsen™ Vibrance HGH Crème contains a rich blend of natural ingredients for skin rejuvenation and protection from other cosmetic contaminates. Use as a leave-on toner before applying color cosmetics and other facial products.

What we say: This has a silky, non-greasy texture and a little bit goes a long way. The smell is a little strong at first, almost like powder, but the benefits of the product are enough that it is worth putting up with for a few minutes or so (it goes away). Used 2x/day for 2+ weeks and it made skin start to look more luminous. It is tinted, but goes on clear.

Bottom line: I tend to like most Skin By Monica products and this one did not disappoint. I would recommend giving it a try. If you do not like scented products this may not be for you.

VIBRANCE HGH Crème SKIN by MonicaSeikisho Mask White / Sekkisei / Japan
Price: $28
Purchase it here

What they say: Add radiance to your skin. This cleaning mask helps remove impurities to extend skin’s translucence and beauty.

What we say: Seikisho’s Mask White is a pitch black, peel-off mask with a pleasant smell and a silky texture. It peeled off easily once dry, but did require some elbow grease to scrub off in the places where it stuck stubbornly to the skin. The end result was a brighter complexion and a fresh feeling you can only get from a mask that really did its work.

Bottom line: It is recommended, but not necessarily for anti-aging purposes. It did a better job as a cleanser and clarifier.
Seikisho Mask White
Id Gel / VMV Hypoallergenics / Philippines
Price: $20
Purchase it here

What they say: This unique, skin-safe, coconut-derived monoglyceride is superbly simple, but packs one powerhouse of a skin-protective and therapeutic punch. Treats the fungus that causes sweat acne, and is an impressive overall, broad-spectrum, topical anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast, antifungal, and anti-protozoal treatment.

What we say: This product has several uses and seems to be good at all of them. It goes on like a gel, but doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all. It softens skin, evens out wrinkles and treats acne in a way that did not seem like there was a lot of chemicals involved. The smell is neutral and the product is non-drying and not harsh at all. The only problem I had was the packaging- the cap would not stay on the bottle.

Bottom line: This is a great product and not a bad thing to keep in the bathroom for treating acne, possible fungal infections, anti-aging and shine control. Priced really well for something with so many different uses.
Id Gel VMV HypoallergenicsA-List Cleanser / Rodial / UK
Price: $77
Purchase it here

What they say: Rodial a-list cleanserTM is a skin brightening balm cleanser for the face. It cleanses, removes face make-up & dirt and helps to reduce the appearance of age spots & hyperpigmentation.

What we say: This product smells delicious, is very creamy and makes your face feel incredibly smooth. It also removes make-up really well.

Bottom line: A good anti-aging cleanser, but if you are the type who like a lots of suds and a squeaky clean feeling, it may not be for you. A-List Cleanser RodialConfidence Injection Crease Concentrate / Dermelect / USA
Price: $79
Purchase it here

What they say: Formulated to tone and energize key facial muscle groups, the Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ and RetiSTAR™ Stabilized Retinol actually holds the facial skin in place, works to penetrate and fill deep wrinkles that usually appear on foreheads, between eyebrows, on the corners of the mouth, and on the cheeks. The Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ harnesses Hyaluronic Acid to the skin for high-intensity and rapid-action smoothing and softening results. From the first use, the stretching and smoothing results can be felt as the spheres are hydrated and then filled with moisture from the skin itself. RetiSTAR™ Stabilized Retinol provides an optical, wrinkle-distorting effect by increasing cell redistribution, forming a barrier function to retain the moisture. With consistent use, you will display a confident glow as your face will appear dramatically smoother, taut, and visibly lifted.

What we say: This is a really luxurious product. It has no smell and feels really velvety, almost a little oily going on your face. That lasts only for about a minute though. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave a shine at all, in fact it made my face almost more matte than before it was used. It leaves almost a soothing feeling on the face.

Bottom line: This is a great product, it hydrates and moisturizes without leaving you greasy at all. You can feel the retinol working and skin feels very silky and smooth.

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“Anti-aging around the world”