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Tools for detecting breast cancer early

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) reports that the 5-year survival rate is 98% when breast cancer is found early. Many organizations have recognized this and put out new tools designed to make it easy to remember to be screened for breast cancer.

The NBCF has an early detection plan on its website that, when customized, gives you the option of receiving screening reminders through your choice of email, SMS, calendar, IM, hardcopy or RSS feed. They also have a portion of their site where they are running inspirational accounts of people fighting breast cancer, an area where you can donate to educational programs and even a link where your click counts toward free mammograms.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure website also has a comprehensive section on early detection and screening. It gives news and information on different types of screening methods - including strengths and weaknesses to procedures. The Komen site also provides an informational document on breast cancer screening methods, when to do them and what questions you may want to ask your doctor.

The American Cancer Society dedicates a portion of its site to breast cancer awareness, prevention and treatment. While this is much less interactive than NBCF.org, it still has very detailed information on causes, risk factors, prevention, early detection, and more. It has a section on ways to talk to your doctor, as well as news and information.

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“Tools for detecting breast cancer early”