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Handmade shoe company now selling in the US

UrbanDaddy, a great content provider for Captivate Network, recently sent over an interesting article about a Japanese company called Chausser. They make handmade shoes in gorgeous colors and styles for men and women. I am particularly fond of their men's line. The sneakers, which also got raves by Urban Daddy, are a great casual-shoe option for men. They are nothing like a pair of running shoes, but a stylish, leather shoe with a casual twist to them. Some of them are like bowling shoes and one in particularly looks like it just returned from a trip to the ball park; fun, bright and has energy to burn. Another great pick- especially for men who would not mind gaining an inch or so in height- are these round-toe buckle shoes. They come in great colors and would work just as well casually at the office as they would on a Saturday night.

As for their women's line, my personal favorites are these green shoes with a low wedge. They have a strap and a great heel for jeans. Definitely a casual Friday pick! As for skinny jeans, these orange open-toe shoes are a stylish and casual. You'd be surprised how much wear you get from orange shoes. They go with everything, except red, orange and purple ... colors of pants you should not be wearing anyway! As far as their ostrich collection is concerned, I am not totally sold on them, but if you wear them you definitely get points for taking a style-risk.

On an unrelated note, I do have to say I had a hard time finding their website. I believe if you type a company name into a reputable search engine, the corporate website should be somewhere on page 1 or 2. I linked to them above so you don't have to poke around as much as I did.

Regardless, check out their shoes, they are really sharp ... and now available in the US.

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“Handmade shoe company now selling in the US”