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Classic line of gorgeous shoes

MiamiRumored to have owned 16 pairs of Bernardo's bright "Miami" flip-flops (right), Jackie O. once again started a fashion trend that continues to this day. Fans of Bernardo shoes include Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, Hillary Duff, Halle Berry and me. This is probably the only line I have ever gone through and really liked every single shoe.

The website is filled with great vintage looks, information about the history and quality of the shoes and there is even a section of pet pictures with Bernardo shoes ... winner could get a pair of Bernardos. I wonder if I could get Casey to sit still long enough to get a shot of him with a pair of Bernardos ...?

Anyway, my favorite are the Matrix (perfect with shorts, a dress OR pants), the Miami ( they are chic flip-flops and any fashion trend Jackie O. starts I am automatically behind) and the Mojo Stones are flashy and fun.



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“Classic line of gorgeous shoes”