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SpinLash, spinning mascara review

We talk a lot about mascara on Indulge and one of the biggest complaints people seem to have is when traditional mascara makes lashes looks "spidery." That basically means the mascara has caused the lashes to clump together in a thick, unnatural way. I recently tested SpinLash (right) and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that made my lashes feathery and clean, but still very lush.

Spinlash has a brush that spins 360 degrees in the direction of your choice. You press a button (that has an arrow on it) and the brush spins that direction. It looks like it is very slow, but works well during application. It is essentially like brushing your hair and then holding it in place (and giving it volume) with mascara.

One of the best parts about SpinLash is that the brush can really be used with any type of mascara. I thought the SpinLash mascara was really good, but if you're tied to a particular brand you can still use this product.

I have not seen a new trend in mascara that really works in a long time. The SpinLash separation technique is really incredible and makes it definitely worth its price tag. I paid $15 at Walgreens and see it if offered 2/$20 on the Spinlash website.

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“SpinLash, spinning mascara review”