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A Flawless Face, Found in Sephora

By guest contributor Amber Plante

As far as shopping for beauty products go, nothing beats Sephora for a quality variety of personal indulgences – but those many multicolored rows of eyeshadows, perfumes and body washes can swirl together into a sheer kaleidoscope of confusion.

As a trained make-up artist, I love getting lost in its bays, walking between test counters and wielding toss-out make-up applicators like a wizard and sniffing out the very best products Sephora has to offer within a budget designed for the average shopper not looking to spend a fortune.

Heck, I once spend 3 hours trying on mascara, looking for the perfect combination of brush size, length and thickness and fluid consistency – by the way, it’s Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash, which, for $20 is a bit pricey but worth every cent.

Anyway, in my endless wanderings, I’ve discovered some truly fabulous little gems that, when working in unison, can give you the most flawless face you’ve ever had.

My newest favorite find is Benefit’s You Rebel Lite tinted facial moisturizer. It’s a lighter shade than the original You Rebel, and it feels creamy on your skin but adds a sheer coverage much like foundation but without the gunky look and heavy feel.

And, if you prime your face with Smashbox’s Photo Finish – a secret of celebrities everywhere – then the You Rebel on top, with dabs of Benefit’s Hollywood Glow – another celeb secret – on your cheeks (for perfect placement, dab where you’d normally get a sunburn), your will glow with a dewy healthiness that screams neither beach bunny nor Snow White.

It’s a perfectly flawless look that will make you feel absolutely stunning. And when it comes down to it, isn’t that the point? It’s the perfect daily indulgence.

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“A Flawless Face, Found in Sephora”