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Indulging in luxury hand sanitizer

I once thought a friend of mine was heavy drinker because he smelled of alcohol constantly. To my surprise I found out he actually did not drink at all, but did have another addiction: hand sanitizer. It left him with a constant scent of booze and left me turned off to hand sanitizer for years. So, when I heard of a 'luxury' sanitizer made with essential oils I gave it a whirl.

Frais hand sanitizer is made with ginger, grapefruit, basil, orange, lemon myrtle, tangerine, cardamom and niaouli. I thought the scent was a little strong at first, but toned down to a botanical aroma that reminded me of the interior of an Aveda store. The smell was clean, but rich and definitely did not have that alcohol-like smell I was used too.

Frais only uses high grade pure sugarcane alcohol and does not use animal ingredients or perform animal testing. They also partnered with the Just a Drop foundation which supports global water, sanitation and health projects.

So, say what you will about hand sanitizer (I know many either love it or hate it), but this one had grown on me and left my hands pretty soft.
Luxury hand sanitizer by Frais

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“Indulging in luxury hand sanitizer”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    this stuff smells so wonderful! like a very herby, metholly,citrusy slather for your hands -- and i love that it doens't have any anti-bacterial agent in it. people either don't know or choose to forget, but anything that claims to be anti-bacterial are horrible and shouldn't ever be used beucase they actually stregthen a certain population of the bacteria they are supposed to kill, making them superbugs that are immune the the anti-bacterial stuff.

    anyways, thanks for the tip!