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Tongue Cleaner by SuperSmile

The Tongue Cleaner by SuperSmile is one of the easiest products (IMO) you can use to instantly improve your breath. After brushing your teeth, just runs the ridged edge plastic cleaner back and forth on your tongue, rinse it off well and repeat. It is a little gross to see, but what is even more disgusting is potentially walking around with that gunk in your mouth all day. The best part is the amount of control you have over how far back it goes on you tongue- which prevents gagging.

There is nothing good about bad breath, and it can hurt you in both business and personal relationships. This tongue cleaner is a $4 item that is worth the investment to try out. I tried it and have given out a few because I think they work so well, and so fast. There seems to be no better tongue cleaner on the market for the price, ease and effectiveness.

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“Tongue Cleaner by SuperSmile”