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11 Beauty and Style Resolutions for the New Year

We love iVillage's 11 Beauty & Style Resolutions for the New Year!
Here they are- and click if you want to read the full article.

1. Organize Your Closet: Invest in a set of matching hangers and implement an organization system simple enough to maintain year-round.
2. Shop Smarter: Always try everything on before purchasing and if you're not 100 percent in love with how a piece looks on you, move on.
3. Splurge on a Staple: Be sure to choose a classic style in a neutral color that will flawlessly complement your every day style.
4. Purge Your Beauty Bar: Sort through cosmetics, tossing any cream or liquid makeup over a year old and any powders (whether it's eye shadow, blush or bronzer) that's been around for two years or more.
5. Indulge at Home: Start off with a soak in the tub or a steam in the shower, followed by a full-body exfoliating scrub, moisturizing hair mask and a mani/pedi.
6. Switch Scents: Ask for samples before buying and wear each scent to find out how it agrees with your body chemistry and how long the scent lasts.
7. Research Before You Buy: With a plethora of beauty blogs, forums and science-based reviews, a quick internet search can save you from impulse-buying the hot new anti-aging cream that’s full of ingredients way too harsh for your sensitive skin.
8. Invest in the Perfect LBD (little black dress): Always appropriate, elegant and flattering, the perfect little black dress has the magical ability to take you from mess to dress-to-impress in seconds flat.
9. Keep Your Brushes Clean: Brand new cosmetics will still get contaminated with skin irritating bacteria if you don't clean your makeup brushes and applicators after each use, or at the very least once a week.
10. Find Your Signature Accessory: A piece so personal, that worn by another it lacks the same spark, your signature accessory should be decidedly representative of your inimitable personality.
11. Take Time to Beautify: Vow to make time to look your best as much as possible in 2010.

Thanks iVillage for these great resolutions!

What are your beauty and style resolutions? Leave them in the comments!

This year I plan on donating everything that doesn't fit and I do not wear. I also planon switching out items, say I buy a new white cardigan... the previous one gets the boot.

Happy 2010!


“11 Beauty and Style Resolutions for the New Year”