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Under $50 Gift Guide Holiday 2009 Part 2

And ... here is the second half of our under $50 gift guide! Please read to the end to see the winner of our Glade gift basket giveaway! Thanks to all who entered the contest and enjoy our holiday 2009 gift guide ... featuring great gifts for men and women under $50

11. Yoga Sandal (slippers)
Why they are unique: According to the company, “the slope of the footbed, and spreading the toes, exercise the muscles of your feet and increases the mobility of your bones.”
Added bonus: Every purchase allows you to make a 20% donation to the cause of your choice. Price: $36.95
Purchase Yoga Sandals here

12. ACE Excursion Bag
Why it is unique: It features a durable, nylon shell to ensure that men’s grooming products do not get crushed. Also, collapsible sides allow him to fit it into the small luggage.
Added bonus: It contains two compartments for separating tools from toiletries and a mesh pocket to hold random items.
Price: $15.99
Purchase Ace Excursion Bag here

13. Platinum mini envelope clutch
Why it is unique: It is created with recycled clear dry cleaner bags.
Added bonus: It is lined in duct tape and features a decorative vintage button on the front. Price: $45 wholesale
Purchase Platnium mini clutch here
14. Pink pearl stud earrings
Why they are unique: The peach/pink color in cultured pink freshwater pearls occurs naturally (not color-treated). They have 14K posts and backings and make a statement by being feminine, but more unique than traditional white or black pearl stud earrings
Added bonus: Order today (12/15) for free ground shipping before Christmas. Take 10% off with coupon code “holiday” through 1/1/2010
Price: $41.00
Purchase pink pearl earrings here

pink pearl earrings on sale 15. The Beauty of Your Eyes by Talika
Why it is unique: The kit includes Lipocils, Eyelash Conditioning Cleanser, Eye Decompress and Eye Therapy Patch.
Added bonus: Use of all of products gives you a comprehensive approach to caring for both lids and lashes.
Price: $48
Purchase the Beauty of Your Eyes by Talika here

16. RadaPro at-home nail station
Why it is unique: It makes manis and pedis easy with a hand/foot support stand. Also includes a polish holder, accessory tray, pump bottle for polish remover and washable 100% cotton slip covers.
Added bonus: 20% off for the holidays
Price: $19.99 (sale price)
Purchase at-home nail station here
17. Green-Souled Shoes
Why they are unique: The company works with local artisans from developing nations to produce a 100% up-cycled sandal (that is a sandal that is entirely made out of rubber tires and inner tubes with no staples, pins or glues).
Added Bonus: For each one sold, the company gives one pair away to an underprivileged child. Price: $45
Purchase Green-Souled Shoes here

18. Westin Heavenly Bed Pillow
Why it is unique: If you’ve stayed at the Westin, you know, but for everyone else, the Westin is renowned for having comfortable beds and bedding.
Added Bonus: Great gift for a traveler who knows the drill Price: $35 (for standard)
Purchase Westin Heavenly Bed Pillow here

19. Lippy Hippie
Why it is Unique: POP Beauty’s 20 luscious lip glosses are great for every diva on your holiday list.
Added Bonus: POP Beauty, is a fun, UK brand of cosmetics that recently launched in the U.S.
Price: $25.00
Purchase Lippy Hippie here

20. ShaveMate Titan 6 Shaver
Why it is unique: Six blades are positioned for less irritation and makes a great stocking stuffer.
Added Bonus: Simply press the bottom of the razor handle and out comes the foamy shaving cream. It holds enough for 1 week. This product comes in women’s as well.
Price: $9.99
Purchase ShaveMate Titan 6 Shaver here

Congrats to Renee C. from Chicago! She is the winner of our 2009 holiday gift basket courtesy of Glade!

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“Under $50 Gift Guide Holiday 2009 Part 2”