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Selling luxury goods on eBay

Skinny jeans look terrible on me, but that did not stop me from buying three pairs last year. Or what about the gold bangles from Coach that I was so sure I was going to wear. If I had back half the money I have spent on trendy items that I do not wear I probably would have paid off my student loans by now ... (actually, we are talking about Boston University so maybe that is a stretch) but I'd have more money for sure!

I've tried selling things on eBay, but have found the constant flow of questions and non-payers to be a total pain, so I was interested when I heard about this woman who specializes in selling luxury goods on eBay. While I am sure there are many people out there who will "sell your goods online" Ann Wood is known in the eBay community as having a great storefront to buy/sell luxury goods.

Wood focuses in selling designer clothing, handbags, and shoes, jewelry, watches, crystal, china and collectibles. She’ll take pictures of your items, do research to ensure it is priced right and do all the work with sellers so you get paid quickly. All that extra money you can go straight to the mall … I mean the bank and deposit it!

Let us know if you know of another reputable consigner on eBay as I am sure we can all use some extra money these days!

To view Ann Wood’s latest items on eBay, visit her Web site or click here to see her Trading Assistant information.


“Selling luxury goods on eBay”