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New research on tanning beds

It is just another reason not to go in a tanning bed … Cancer experts are saying tanning beds and UV radiation are both “definite distinct causes of cancer.” Most lights used in tanning beds give off mostly UV radiation, which causes eye and skin cancer.

Vincent Cogliano, one of the cancer researchers, said the categorization means specialists are convinced tanning beds cause cancer, but added they may not be as strong as other carcinogens like tobacco.

A new analysis of about 20 studies demonstrates the risk of skin cancer rises by 75% when people (under age 30) begin using tanning beds.

In Britain, melanoma is the No. 1 cancer diagnosed in women in their 20s.. Typically, skin cancer rates are highest in people age 75+.

If you really want a broze glow- use a self-tanner. There are many good ones to choose from and my selections for some of the best self-tanners and bronzers are in the photos below.

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“New research on tanning beds”