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How to get Scarlett Johansson's hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson's hairstyleDavid Babaii had a Marilyn Monroe-style on his mind when he created Scarlett Johansson's hairstyle for the LA Shorts Fest '09. We were lucky enough to get the details on how he created this 1940s bob without cutting any hair!

How to get Scarlett Johansson's hairstyle from the LA Shorts Fest '09:

Step 1: David dried her hair using hair polish and then divided her tresses into 3 sections: top with a side part, sides and back leaving the nape area free. To create these large barrel sized curls, he took alternating "V" shaped partings to avoid any part lines from showing through.

Step 2: David used a 1 ½ inch FHI Heat Ceramic Curling Iron throughout Scarlett’s entire head. The sides and back curls were pinned into an assortment of sized looped curls giving the deception of a bob.

Step 3: On the top, he lightly brushed her hair to one side creating soft waves. For an extra sparkle, David brushed back one side and secured with a ornamental hair pin.

Finish it off: For hold, David used his Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.

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“How to get Scarlett Johansson's hairstyle”