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Eco-friendly jeans

If you want a wardrobe filled with green clothes, what better place to start than an everyday basic like your denim. Ok, in case you have been living in a cave since 1990 we don't literally mean "green jeans," but instead eco-friendly denim.

Eco-friendly denim options:

Levis: They have an eco line of jeans that are made from 100% organic cotton. If you are looking on their site, search eco and most of the styles should come up.

Good Society: This brand offer jeans that are made from organic cotton, “certified fair-trade” and are cut well. Funds from each pair go to the people in India who made them and 10% of Good Society’s profits go toward environmental causes.

Arizona Jeans: These jeans are made from pre-consumer recycled cotton from the fabric mill (basically cotton that normally goes to waste). These are actually really cute and a great price- on sale for around $25 at JC Penney.

Loomstate: This company is commited to organic farming and uses 100% certified organic cotton. They make jeans (and other clothing ) for men and women in great styles. Also, like many of these other brands, Loomstate manages the full manufacturing process. They only work with factories that maintain the highest environmental and labor standards.

Also, visit Greenloop for more eco-friendly denim and other apparel.

Thanks to Mother Nature Network for much of the above information.


“Eco-friendly jeans”