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My review of the EZ Comb

After a while I get sick of ponytails and I think clips are very late 90s, so when I heard about the EZ Comb I was definitely interested. For $10 you get 2 EZ Combs, 1 similar to the one you see in my hair and a black one. They are a simple tool to get a quick French twist. There are directions on doing several other styles, but I stuck to the basic few styles I could handle (and like). So, would I recommend purchasing the EZ Comb? You can decide for yourself based upon my pros and cons.

Pros: The EZ Comb is very comfortable, made well and gives some good options for some different hairstyles. It is inexpensive and seems so far to be durable. It is a good piece for the office or if you are traveling and want a relaxed way to keep your hair out of your face.

Cons: I have thick hair and it feels really secure, but if I am moving around a lot it tends to loosen up and fall out. I am not sure how well it would work on really thin or short hair for the same reason. I would not attempt to wear it running or anywhere you need a secure ponytail.

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“My review of the EZ Comb”