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Your thoughts on 'guyliner'

A very funny article in USA Today is reporting men are now wearing eyeliner. Dubbed 'guyliner,' eyeliner is openly being worn by rock stars, comedians and reality-TV show contestants. Some of the men USA Today singles out include Pete Wentz (rock star), Russell Brand (comedian) and Adam Lambert ('American Idol' contestant). The lone holdout on guyliner topic is Nestor Carbonell, of 'Lost.' If you watch the show you know exactly who I mean (Richard) ... he swears he just has thick lashes.

As if this post is not odd enough, I must say my dog Casey looks like he wears eyeliner too (photo below). His eyes are perfectly lined around the top and the bottom ... like Nestor, Casey claims it is natural as well.

Your thoughts ... should it be ok for men to wear of eyeliner? Vote in my poll on the right.

Russell Brand

Adam Lambert
Pete Wentz

Nestor Carbonell

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“Your thoughts on 'guyliner'”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Men who wear eyeliner are very strange! Your pet is cute though.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Casey is the best. I think guys that wear eyeliner are a little "off" and probably were mishandled as children.