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Old Navy's flip-flop sale

Speaking of flip-flops ... Old Navy is having a sale Saturday where all adult and kids solid flip-flops are $1. I love Old Navy, but I am hoping these are not limited to just their flat flip-flops because I do not find those to be comfortable at all. I've worn them before. If you are just wearing them for a few hours they are fine and they are great if you like to switch up your look frequently- but for me, I like comfort.

As a side note- right this moment wearing a beautfiul pair of Old Navy flip flops I bought 2 summers ago. I paid $25 for them and it was worth it. It is not so much about brand as it is quality. Rather than filling your closet with uncomfortable flops, I'd save the dollar and get shoes that feel great, look awesome and will last!

And, Old Navy, if you are reading ... what is up with current mannequin ads? Times are tough for all of us, but real models are worth the investment.


“Old Navy's flip-flop sale”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    OMG those mannequins are so bad.