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High heel boot camp

High Heel BootcampHow tall is too tall? Seriously? I mean, it doesn't matter if you are 4-feet or 6-feet-tall, once you start wearing heels that are 5-6 inches, don't you get uncomfortable? I get that nauseous, dizzy feeling like I am looking down over the edge of the Grand Canyon. But, that's just me. Stilettos can look flawless if worn correctly. We've all seen that woman who chose the heels that were just too tall. Now she can't keep up with anyone and looks like she is doing the shuffle. Don't be that woman!

If you have trouble walking in heels there is someone out there who wants to help. Meet Model Anastasia Khozisova (above right), of Modelinia's High Heel Boot Camp. She is 5' 10' and as graceful in heels as a ballerina. Known for her flow on the catwalk, she teaches women around the world how to walk in heels through a series of online videos. She recently met with some Associated Press staffers and ran a high heel boot camp session for them. I recommend checking of the videos, but if you want the quick version, here are some highlights from her day with the AP employees:

How to walk in high heels according to the AP as directed by Khozisova:

  1. Avoid falling in holes (aka breaking your ankle) and getting your heel stuck in cracks by looking three steps ahead. This way you can get around cracks, drains, etc. I think with practice you could find a way to do this so your head is not completely down for your entire walk.

  2. High Heel Bootcamp

  3. Keep your shoulders down and your posture in a in line from your head through at least the hips.
  4. High Heel Bootcamp
  5. Eliminate the "shuffle" and radiate poise by leading with the toe, and extending the leg as you go forward. Focus on having your body weight landing on the balls of the feet.
  6. Finally, swing your arms, but don't spring up and down. Your strides should be constant and steady.
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“High heel boot camp”

  1. Anonymous rebecca Says:

    I particularly enjoyed point number 1!!! lol