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Digitally enhanced photos of celebs

Every day we see our favorite celebrities looking flawless, trim and radiant in advertisements, magazine covers, promotional materials and more. It is no secret that many of these photographs are highly airbrushed and Photoshopped. And, with the massive amounts of paparazzi photos out there, we are now seeing these celebrities (at times) how they really look.

According to ABC News, Men's Fitness digitally enhanced Andy Roddick's bicep muscles so much that even Roddick was surprised when he saw the cover and wrote on his blog, "If you can manage to stop laughing at the cover long enough, check out the article inside."

Jennifer Aniston reportedly once contemplated suing Redbook Magazine after her publicist said they used pieces of three separate photos of her to make one cover photo, ABC News said. Redbook denies the allegations and claims to have only changed the color of her shirt and lengthened her hair. When a 2003 cover of GQ trimmed down the size of Kate Winslet’s thighs she responded by saying, "I can tell you they've reduced the size of my legs by about a third."

ABC News did a great photo slideshow on "Doctored Magazine Covers." It includes photos of Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Jen Aniston, Brangelina, Kate Moss and more that have been digitally tweaked to make them look leaner or buffer. In some cases separate photos are set up to make two people look like they standing next to eachother ... and it is all the work of a computer. Don’t believe everything you see and don’t compare yourself to the way someone looks on a magazine cover. Treat it more like art, because at the end of the day (in many cases) that is what it is.

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“Digitally enhanced photos of celebs”