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Best picks for sunscreen

A new study by Consumer Reports says 31% of Americans say they never wear sunscreen, even if they are outside for more than four hours - and 27% of parents with kids under 12 say they never or only sometimes apply sunscreen to their children when they are outside two to four hours. I think I just saw those types of people .... they were bright red folks roasting at the pool at Caesar's last month. You know the group I mean. There is one at every hotel/country club/public pool or beach and it is pathetic to watch. Ummm ... you're not getting tan- you're frying and you'll pay for it later. For most of us, this happens once (if ever) and never again.

Anyway, for those who intelligent enough to put sun protection on ourselves and our children Consumer Reports (in July mag) has listed its top picks for sunscreen this year.

Best buys:

Also rated highly:

  • Aveeno Continuous Protection Spray SPF 45 (this formula is being changed to SPF 50)
  • Bull Frog Marathon Mist Continuous Spray SPF 36
  • Blue Lizard Regular Australian SPF 30+
  • Mustella Bébé/Enfant High Protection SPF 50
  • Lancôme Paris Sôleil Ultra Expert Sun Care for Sensitive Skin SPF 50
  • Fallene Cotz SPF 58

I personally like Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous spray in either 30 or 50. I've burned before and it is not happening again!

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“Best picks for sunscreen”