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Makeup from the 80s

Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Ready to WearIt seems like some decades leave a stronger mark on us than others. While the trends and styles from 70s continue to reappear it was the hair and makeup from the 80s that we are seeing more and more of lately. Who What Wear, a terrific fashion and beauty blog, did an excellent write-up on what they call “eighties eyes.” The look is bold eye shadow that wings out on the outside of the eyes and has a smoky look throughout. While it was blues and purples in the 80s, today we are seeing that look in smoky shades of black and gray on the runway and on celebs such as Mischa Barton and Kate Moss.

Francisco Nars created the make-up looks for Marc Jacobs Fall 09 show and make-up artists gave the models an ultramodern look using NARS’ Cream Eye Shadow ($21) in Zardoz and NARS' Duo Eye Shadow ($32) in Pandora, according to Who What Wear. If this is a look you want to pull off on your own, try using shades that are more neutral such as tan, shimmery peach, light gray. Use a darker shade at the pointed edges and lighten up on the lids. Or go with a smoky black and relax the wing a little by keeping the shape of it, but make it smaller and not so bold. Depending on your profession I probably would not recommend this look for work, but it is chic enough for a night out. Use your judgement too. If you look like Billy Idol, you probably went too heavy. Start over and work on it until you get it right.

Below are some shots from the Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Ready to Wear show. What are you thoughts on this trend? Should we modernize it for 2009 or keep it locked up in the 1980s?
Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Ready to Wear
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“Makeup from the 80s”