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The shoe secret celebrities are using

Rachel Smith fallsGravity, slippery surfaces, bad shoes, long pants ... there are tons of reasons why we fall, but one things is for sure, it happens to all of us. Who can forget poor Rachel Smith? She was the beautiful, gracious Miss America who took an awful spill during the 2007 Miss Universe contest (right).

But, there is a secret that celebrities are using that may just help the rest of us from falling too. At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Miss Golden Globe Rumer Willis and artist Miley Cyrus both used Grippy Steps, which are black pads that attach securely to the soles of your heels to keep shoes from slipping. It is such a great invention I am upset that I did not think of them!! They are available at DSW Shoe Warehouses nationwide,
$7.99.Grippy Steps

Grippy Steps are a favorite of stylist Tara Swennen. Swennen also gave us a few tips of keeping your feet free from pain and in place while wearing some of your favorite shoes. If the straps of your sling-backs won’t stay in place, Swennen suggests Strappies, which are thin strips that you place on the inside of the heel strap to keep them from moving. Or, if you want more comfort when wearing flats, Swennen recommends My Footprints, which are pads that cushion the heel and ball of foot.

Your feet are important and the shoes you choose can impact your entire body, so support and safety is essential. I am going to give Grippy Steps a test drive so I will let you know what I think.


“The shoe secret celebrities are using”