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Free virtual makeovers

TAAZ Makeover
From simple lipstick colors to dramatic new hairstyles, I just came across a website that lets you test it all out on your photo free of charge. It's called TAAZ and I could not believe how many products and styles I could test out!

Here is how it works. Start by uploading a headshot of yourself. Then start with your face. TAAZ lets you choose from several different foundations. Pick a color you think would look good on you and the website tells you the brand, the shade and tries it on your face. It is literally a virtual makeover you can do with no risk, without leaving your house and leaves you with a great list of products from so many different companies there is no way you would be able to try them all on in one day. You can do this with concealer, blush, lipstick, lip liner, lip-gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow and even try out different color contacts.

Next is the hairstyle portion. You choose whatever style you like- and from fauxhawk to ringlets to short there are plenty to choose from. Once you have picked a style you can select a color and add highlights or lowlights if you choose. It really is a lot of fun.

TAAZ is totally in the know on the latest celebrity looks and new trends in make-up. They are currently running a contest where you can make yourself over to look like a celebrity. Whoever gets the most votes wins $500.

If you do not feel like uploading your own photo there are models you can makeover. Regardless of what you decide to do, I recommend poking around the site as some people get really creative!

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“Free virtual makeovers”