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Calm, soothing music helps relax on a budget

With everything that is going on in today’s economy it can be a challenge to try and indulge yourself at the spa. But, while we are all working harder and stressing more about financials it is more important than ever to remember to relax. I recently received “Somewhere Else,” a cd of soothing songs by Jill Kremer. I put it in my cd player and and really felt like I was “Somewhere Else.” Between the tranquil sounds of the ocean and the flutes and strings it is easy to let yourself relax.

This cd is great for spas and yoga classes. It is perfect for any time you need elegant, soothing music. And, at only $10 for the cd , it is a way of indulging yourself anytime you want without feeling guilty about spending money. Jill Kremer also donates 10% of the proceeds from “Somewhere Else” to Acres of Diamonds, a charity for homeless women and children.

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“Calm, soothing music helps relax on a budget”