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Host your own spa party

Mobile spas are becoming a new trend in bachelorette parties, bridal/baby showers or just a gathering among friends. These on-location spa events are a great way to relax and unwind as a group as the licensed technicians will come to your home, office, a hotel and more.

Different types of spa parties
As you research companies in your area you will see that they range quite a bit from parties of 4 to much larger groups. In most cases the rates will depend on how many guests, the types of services and how indulgent the atmosphere becomes. Some of the more expensive mobile spas bring along food, candles, music, robes and even little gifts for the guests. If you want to stay at a lower price point and try out a little bit of everything, than you may consider mini-services. These could include very basic manicures/pedicures, make-up application and facials.

Planning the spa party
In most cases you have the guests select the services they want about 2 weeks in advance so the company can plan accordingly. It can all be tailored to your liking based up on the package you decide to go with. And, don’t forget, this is supposed to be relaxing and fun, so figure out the finances and the gratuity-situation beforehand. Some spas will allow each guest to pay separately, taking the financial burden off the host.

Mobile spa companies:

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“Host your own spa party”