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Fall and winter 2008 hairstyles

Fall Winter 2008 hair trendsFrom bobs to bangs, it is all about the letter B when talking about the hottest women's hairstyles for fall and winter 2008. These looks were debuted this week (right) during a presentation of the German hairdressers association.

Here are some looks you may want to consider:


Wide bangs, just below your eyebrow will be big for fall/winter 2008 as will side-swept bags like Keira Knightley's (below). The best part about long bangs is they are versatile because you can pin them back. These look great with short or long hair.
Kiera Knightley


Jessica Simpson made this look popular with a little french braid in her bangs. Cute for a casual Saturday ... probably not so much for the office though.


The inverted bob- made huge last year by Victoria Beckham- has new variations this year that range from a softer look (like Katie Holmes, below) to sharp and angled like Rhianna. Katie Holmes hair

Inspired by the sleek silhouetted fashions that made it down the runways for fall/winter 08, a messy bun is a great way loosen up a sharp look. Don't go too messy... you do not want to look dirty ... but don't go too tight (unless you're a librarian).

I know waves doesn't start with a B, but we could not leave it out! Waves compliment the romantic 1920s fashions that are so big this year. They work really well on long or medium-length hair with long layers. Have naturally wavy hair? Clean it up with a curling iron for a more polished look (below).

Fall/winter 2008 hairstyles

How do you get fabulous hair?

In a recent contest we asked our viewers some of their tips for fabulous hair. Here is what they told us ... what do you think?

Angela from Burnaby, BC, says ... "when doing your hair in the morning, go extra 'big' because by the time you get to where you are going, your hair will have fallen justa touch for that perfect look!!"

Alison from Staten Island, NY, says ... "The greatest tip I have ever received is 'Don't wash your hair every day.' My scalp is much healthier, which has made my hair look even better!"

Nathan from Toronto, Ontario, says ... "Shampoo your roots only and condition the ends. The shampoo will wash the rest of your hair as your rinsing it. If you apply shampoo to all of your hair, it could strip the natural oils and leave it dry looking."

Cynthia from Lombard, IL, says ... "To get a nice wave/body to hair and if you have a few metal core (or ceramic) round brushes, after hair is mostly dry, use the round brush to roll section of hair into it while drying and leave hair rolled up in the brush for about five minutes (until hair cools down completely), then unroll brush. Repeat with other sections with other brushes (or rotate through the few brushes with sections of hair that are done)."

Stephanie from San Leandro, Calif., says ..."Grape seed oil is the best thing for a healthy mane and longer, fuller eyelashes."

Izabella from Toronto, Ontario, says ... "My number 1 tip for fabulous hair is to get a professional grade blow dryer. It makes all the difference because it blows hotter and stronger then conventional, "drugstore" type hairdryers due to a much better motor. This makes your hair much smoother and dry a lot faster. I have frizzy, wavy hair and swear by my professional hairdryer that I bought at my favorite salon, it changed my hair life!"

Fran from Carrollton, Texas, says ... "My No. 1 tip for fabulous hair is using an intense conditioner once a week - my hair is highlighted and I find that the conditioner helps maintain the shine and smoothness of my fine hair so the color always stays beautiful and my locks shine!"

Jacqueline from Calgary, Alberta, says ... "Don't shampoo your ends more than twice a week. To avoid shampoo on ends, twist hair into tight bun, secure with elastic, place shower cap over top and put another elastic over bun to seal to prevent shampoo from getting on ends. Wash roots and scalp as normal."

Vicky from Toronto, Ontario, says ... "My tip is when washing your hair, rinse it in cool water (as comfortably possible). This will help to add shine to your hair as well as making it more manageable."

Sheila from Dallas, Texas, says ... " Always always always put leave-in conditioner on your hair before you comb it when wet. It helps with tangles plus it makes your hair look and feel amazing!"

Send your tips to Indulge@Captivate.com and they'll be posted on Indulge too.

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“Fall and winter 2008 hairstyles”