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Wii can all get in shape

Christy Brinkley on XboxHow indulgent is it that in the middle of a rainy day we can hold everything from tennis tournaments to dance-offs in our living rooms? From ---flashback to the 1980s--- Nintendo’s PowerPad to today’s Xbox and Wii, exercising is actually starting to become entertaining. Even supermodel Christie Brinkley got her moves going in “Dance, Dance Revolution” (above) at a nationwide event last weekend to promote healthy lifestyles for children.

Nintendo has taken the Wii as a fitness craze and run with it. This week they began selling the “Wii Fit” in U.S. stores. The “Wii Fit” is a $90 kit containing software and a balance board. The program, designed by Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of “Donkey Kong” and “Super Mario Bros.”), uses the board in combination with a training program. People can choose from programs that range from yoga to aerobics to strength games to balance. There is also an option to determine you “Wii Fit” Age,” which is determined by your BMI, balance and body control; all measured by your balance board. The best part is you can compete against your friends and family and track you own results.

In an article on the “Wii Fit” in USA Today, an analyst predicts the U.S. sales of the “Wii Fit” will be comparable to Japan’s with about 30% of U.S. Wii owners purchasing it. That calculates to about 2.5 million off the bat and potential for another 5 million over Wii's existence.

Wii Fit

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“Wii can all get in shape”