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Indulge's holiday gift guide- all items under $25!!

From stocking stuffers to just a little indulgence, beauty products for men and women make terrific holiday gifts. We know that most of us have less and less to spend on gifts this year. So Indulge has tailored our gift guide to only items under $25 and we think that there are some really great products out there in that price range. Happy shopping!

  • Sephora's Citrus Sage Bath kit, $10. This delicious-smelling gift set includes a Citrus Sage Bubble Bath, a Citrus Sage Body Butter, and a green Bubble Sponge, in a gift box.
    Sephora's Citrus Sage Bath kit

  • Buzz Lumbar Massage Pillow, $25 at Brookstone. Put this vibrating pillow behind your back for a nice, low-maintenance massage.
  • Buzz Lumbar Massage Pillow
  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM Shower Gel for men, $20. Lightly fragrant with the fresh, woodsy, masculine scent of Hanae Mori HM cologne.

  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM Shower Gel for men

  • Bliss Tried + Blue Travel Kit, $20 at Sephora.com. Perfect for the traveler! This kit includes the following Bliss products: Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Tried + Blue Body Wash, Tried + Blue Body Lotion, Tried + Blue All-in-One Shampoo + Conditioner- Miniature-size Big Blue Bar- all in airplane-approved sizes.

  • Bliss Tried + Blue Travel Kit
  • It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio, $19.50, by Jack Black at Sephora. Great for men, this set features lip balm in Natural Mint & Shea Butter, Lemon & Chamomile and Acai Berry & Vanilla .
  • It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio
  • Plump for Sexy Lips, Peppermint, $18.95 at SKIN by Monica. Tastes great, smells great and leaves lip very plump. We tried it ourselves!

  • Plump for Sexy Lips, Peppermint
  • Chill Misting Fan, $20, at Brookstone. Powerful fan with a mister will keep anyone cool at the beach or on a hot day.Chill Misting Fan

  • Pre-Shave Oil- Sandalwood, by The Art of Shaving, $14-$22 at Sephora. What man doesn't like a close shave... This Pre-Shave Oil - Sandalwood softens facial hair and preps the skin for a soothing shave with no residue.
  • Pre-Shave Oil- Sandalwood
  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM long-lasting, non-alcohol stick deodorant for men, $20. For the man who loves to be pampered with high-end products, this deodorant features same rich, masculine, woodsy scent of Hanae Mori's HM fragrance. It smells great.

  • Hanae Mori Parfums HM long-lasting, non-alcohol stick deodorant for men
  • Frais Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer, $3.50. Eco-friendly hand sanitizer smells great and makes a good stocking stuffer for the girl or guy on the go.
Frais Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer

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“Indulge's holiday gift guide- all items under $25!!”