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Exercising with an iPod

From a waistband to an armband, people are clipping iPods all over the place and now they have secured it to a new spot - the back of the neck. And, while at first I felt a little bit like a child with a sign stuck on my back, I got over it and was really impressed with this new device when I sampled it on a recent jog through Boston.

It looks almost like a plastic headband that slides firmly on the back of the neck, holding the iPod and its cords so people can listen to music without all the wires. Called the 'nekFIT,' it is a new product that is targeted toward athletes and others engaged in activities in which they want to use their iPod, but in a place that's out of the way. The nekFIT has buttons that go over the click wheel of the iPod so it is fairly easy to change your songs. A playlist is probably your best bet though.

The product is available immediately for $33.95 direct from the company at http://www.nekfit.com/ or through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/.

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“Exercising with an iPod”