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UV-protective clothing

Sadly July 4th usually marks the mid-point of the summer and while many places (like my home, Boston) have seen nothing but rain, I do believe sunny days are here to come!

I like to spend a lot of time outside, but do not like to get too much sun exposure so this year I have been wearing UV-protective clothing- this is measured by UPF.

LL Bean describes UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor on it's site. This is a rating of a materials ability to block UV rays. It is similar to your sunscreen's SPF, but UPF ratings refer to both UVA and UVB protection; SPF rates only UVB protection.

Why UV-protective clothing works:
According to the Mayo Clinic, UV-protective clothes work because the fabric is tightly woven. Companies also may insert chemicals that absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation to the fabric.

How to shop for UV-protective clothing:
Check labels for a high UV protection factor – they range from UPF 15 to 50+. A UPF 50 garment blocks 49/50, or 98% of UV rays. If you are outside just wearing a normal white T-shirt it is rated at about UPF 5, which means 20% of UV rays pass through the fabric to your skin.

Some of my favorite sites for UV-protective clothing include:

LL Bean's SunSmart line: Features cute bucket hats, breezy pants and tunics and more for men women and children.

REI: features Sun protective clothing by REI, Columbia Sportswear, Royal Robbins, ExOfficio NorthFace and more.

Cabana Life: Colorful and trendy styles for women and children

Ayana: As a bonus they are having a 25-30% off sale!

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“UV-protective clothing”

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