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The secret to Leyla Milani's hair

Leyla Milani's hairLeyla Milani, the lovely #13 model on ‘Deal of No Deal,’ is known for her luscious locks. Her beautiful hairstyle was created by celebrity hairstylist Allen Edwards, and now you can get this look yourself.

Instructions on recreating Leyla’s curls per press release:

Allen creates Leyla’s soft look by using a special technique called “Blow Curl”. This simple technique entails blowing 80% of the moisture out, winding the hair around a small brush, rolling the last 3 inches of hair and letting it curl around the brush. Pin the hair to your head and let it dry.

Leyla Milani's hairAllen Edwards Salon + Spa is located in Brentwood and Woodland Hills, California. He has a new hair product line called Allen Edwards Shear Force, which he uses on Leyla.

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“The secret to Leyla Milani's hair”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    She's got amazing hair. I used to watch Deal or No Deal just for her and her hair! She has her own hair extension line now. I think it's