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What does 2009 have in store at the spa?

With the economy in the shape it is in right now, people are looking for different types of experiences when they go to a spa. Whether it be maximizing their time there or new type s of relaxation, 2009 looks to be a little different than 2008. Below are the top trends the International SPA Association forecasts for 2009.
According to the ISPA, we’ll see the folowing:
  • Customized treatments: ISPA references shorter treatments, which we can assume cost less, as well as combination treatments and tailored treatments. In tough economic times, spa owners need to really meet the needs of their customers.
  • Mind, body and spirit: With consumers looking to rejuvenate both the mind and the body these days, ISPA gives the examples of spas increasing self-discovery services such as ropes courses, art classes, along with traditional treatments.
  • Family-friendly resort spas: Turn spa time into family time. Some spsa are featuring with family-yoga and other family-oriented courses to make it relaxing for everyone.
  • Organic spas: ISPA notes “many feature outdoor treatments and eco-friendly facilities, as well as treatments that highlight indigenous plants and the environment in which the spa is located (i.e., seashell body treatment and blueberry body wrap).”
  • Spa credits: Hotels are using spas as a bonus for people staying with them. They could offer discounts, credits or free services.
  • Spa memberships: Almost like a gym membership, a spa membership could go for 12 months. These memberships may offer discounted services, free treatments and more.
  • Half-day spa vacations: An easy way to get away without breaking the bank. These half-day sap vacations can usually be tailored to your needs and, in most cases, are less than full day(s) at the spa.
  • Dental spas: Sounds like an oxymoron, right? According to ISPA “The American Dental Association says about 50% of U.S. dentists are providing spa amenities at no additional charge. With hand massages, paraffin wax dips and reflexology, you'll never dread the drill again.”
  • Tried and true: With less to spend, consumers are taking fewer risks with trendy treatments. Back in style are the old favorites, including deep tissue massage and clarifying facials.
  • Increased spa amenities: Many spas have beautiful amenities, including well-appointed waiting rooms with soothing music and lemon-water or luxurious pools. They want you to relax and enjoy these facilities, so don’t feel like you need to head home ASAP after you massage. Relax and stay awhile!

    Thanks ISPA for these great ideas of what 2009 has in store for us!


“What does 2009 have in store at the spa?”

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